FUN Wrestling Episode 17: Omega arrives

The aftermath of the superstar mixup between Friendo Unified Network and World Golden Powers Wrestling continues as Lenny Omega – formely of WGPW – makes his debut in the FUN ring. He takes on Merica Machine and Captain Horsemask in a triple threat match to determine the No. 1 contender for the Larson Libre championship.

Also World’s Best champion Butch Bacon is in action.

WGPW Episode 1

It’s been awhile since I posted any gameplay videos with Steve and Larson. To get caught up, Steve Here sold WSTEVEW to King Llama of the Golden Powers – who renamed the brand “WGPW” – World Golden Powers Wrestling. WGPW and FUN Wrestling also had a superstar mix up with several wrestlers switching brands.

On this episode, Heel Supreme – one of the new members of the Golden Powers – and Meatloaf champion Beef Supreme take on World Champion Matthew Audet and a mystery partner. Also Bo Kada and El Steinero face off to determine the newest member of the Golden Powers.

Amanda Serrano Makes History and is Ready for Primetime

Note: This is a column I wrote for Champions

Amanda Serrano etched her names in the annals of boxing last night.

During the undercard of the Shawn Porter vs. Andre Berto showdown, Serrano – in front of a hometown crowd in Brooklyn – knocked out Dahiana Santana in the eighth-round to win the vacant WBO women’s bantamweight championship. The fight was broadcast on Showtime Extreme.

Serrano dominated the fight from the get-go, landing lefts and body shots. The ringside doctor almost stopped in the fourth and seventh rounds after Santana had swelling over both eyes.

In the eighth round, Serrano delivered some devastating shots in that forced the referee to stop the fight. According to CompuBox statistics, Serrano landed 152 of her 486 punches – compared to Santana, who connected with 60 out of her 293 shots.

With this latest addition to her impressive trophy case, Serrano has become the first woman fighter, as well as the first Puerto Rican competitor in the Sweet Science, to win championships in five weight classes. Besides bantamweight, “The Real Deal” has held belts in the junior featherweight, featherweight, junior lightweight and lightweight divisions. What’s impressive is while most fighters will move up in weight to win championships, Serrano has dropped down in weight for her world titles – lightweight to bantamweight.

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