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Eagle Life Editor’s Playlist

Music is something that can soothe a savage beast, or in some cases a savage editor.

Around the office, a lot of us will listen to music while working on projects. Although it’s nothing too fancy, I created an editor’s playlist on Youtube to help me focus during layout nights as well when I am working at home. Some of the songs I picked are my favorites tunes that have a journalism context to them, whether it is a tune that I play while I am laying out a page or a ballad that takes me back to a fond memory of some coworkers.

Here are eight of the songs

P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing) by Michael Jackson

I heard our copy editor Kurt play this song during a layout night and then watched him dance to it. One of the things that Kurt does, is take a quick timeout and listen to some music to quickly recharge his batteries.

Age of Aquarius by the 5th Dimension

Another song that reminds me of Kurt. This was in Chicago while we were the Billy Goat Tavern, enjoying cheeseburgers and drinks. After Kurt was done using the jukebox, someone played this song and Kurt started dancing to it. That image is still burned in my brain.


Carry on My Wayward Son by Kansas

This song by Kansas is also used in the television show “Supernatural.” It has a special place in my heart for a couple of reasons because Kristie and I were playing it one day during finals week of last spring – as an homage to the TV show. This song is also special because my mother uses it for her ringtone when I call.

Just Died in Your Arms by Cutting Crew

Although this was one of my favorite songs as a kid, I had heard it again for the first time in years when Kelli Crawford, one of my subjects for the student gamers story, posted a link to this video on her Facebook.

Hold My Hand by Hootie and the Blowfish

In Chicago, Kurt, Josh Friesen (sports editor) and Libby Campbell (staff writer) and I were at Lizzie McNeil’s Pub and this song came on over the jukebox. Although it was late in the night, we all began a singalong that was talked about over Twitter…and by talked about, I mean Christopher (managing editor) was the one who tweeted it.

Space Oddity by David Bowie

I had listen to Bowie’s greatest hits and this song was stuck in my head for days. I posted some of the lyrics on Youtube and Evan the graphics editor decided to join along.

You Make Me Wanna… by Usher

Another staff singalong. It was Kurt, Josh and I spending a good 15 minutes doing renditions of Usher’s earlier hits. Our Editor in Chief, who I did not know was in the office, said we didn’t do too bad.

Under Pressure by Queen

This is a song I listened to on a road trip back from Seattle. I was with my friends Madison, Lindsey, Joseph and Kaitlin. It was my last trip with the staff of The Communicator and one of my favorite memories.

Note to my fellow Easterner editors: I will just say right now that I do not have “Snake Farm” in not on this list, nor will I ever have a place on the list.


Disaster leads to Greek hospitality

Advanced News Writing/Reporting
Disaster leads to Greek hospitality
by Al Stover

Kaylie Phan and her two sisters had lost their way.Phan and her older siblings had been vacationing in Greece over the summer. While they were visiting Milos, an island in the Aegean Sea, they noticed they were separated from their tour group and traveled to an unfamiliar part of the island.As they were about to panic, they were approached by an older woman with droopy and tired eyes, wearing a thick dress over another. The woman  took them back to a large rock near the beach where they met up with some of the group.For Phan, who had traveled is various places in North America and Asia, the woman’s kindness showed Phan the well-known hospitality of the Greek people. Prior to receiving help from the woman, Phan had the impression that Greeks, like most people in other countries, regard American tourists as annoyances.

The Greek’s concept of hospitality and generosity to travelers, or xenia at is it known in the native tongue, has been a custom among the ancient times when an elderly couple welcomed the gods Zeus and Hermes into their home and were rewarded by the deities for their kindness.

Although the sisters were not Greek goddesses, they got to experience the hospitality and how welcome they were in the country, despite being from a faraway land.

Another moment when the sisters received the warm generosity of Greece was when they were having dinner and could not find their way back to their hotel. Two Greek women took it upon themselves to help the sisters.

“They literally walk you back,” Phan said. “They don’t just tell you ‘take a left, take a right.’ They took us back. I thought that was pretty great.”

In addition to receiving the help from the locals, Phan and her sisters actually began to experience more of the culture and an open and friendly vibe from the people when they were separated from the tour group.

[When you’re on a tour group] you’re surrounded by all of these people from different places,” Phan said,” But when you’re alone and lost that’s when people start to lend a hand.”

An aspect of the Greek’s openness that Phan experienced when she was not in danger was men of different ages wearing speedos, walking around the beach.

“I think I saw enough men in speedos for the rest of my life,” Phan said.

From the baseball diamond to the newsroom bullpen

Advanced News Writing/Reporting
From the baseball diamond to the newsroom bullpen
by Al Stover

Jake Kershinar is a 21-year-old journalism major at Eastern who had originally wanted to work in radio, but found that he conveyed his thoughts better if he wrote them down vs. speaking them out loud. Born on the western side of Washington, Kershinar has lived in Spokane for the last five years. His parents have been married for 26 years and he is the oldest of five children. Kershinar also played baseball during high school. He currently works at Core-Mark International, which supplies convenience stores with supplies.

He is hoping to work for a newspaper or a magazine after he graduates.

Author’s Note:

This was an assignment in Stimson’s Advanced News Writing class. As far as the students in my News Writing and Advanced Journalism classes, I didn’t get to know Jake all too well. He is a good kid and I remember him writing a little bit for The Easterner – which was moons ago. Now that I’ve seen this after a few years, I wonder how Jake is doing. 

There were a lot of good kids in News Writing class, many of whom became successful. I think of Peter, Kyle and Josh as a few. I’ve become friends with a few of those kids, mainly Kara who shares my love of all things Game of Thrones. I think she’s coming back to Washington soon and we might catch up on old times if my schedule is free. 

Advanced News Writing was a class I enjoyed, though I really wanted to skip it because I had taken those classes at Spokane Falls Community College. As I learned, not all of the classes you take at the community college level will transfer over to university credits. Stimson was also adamant to have me take those classes because his way of teaching was different than other professors who taught journalism at other colleges.  

I won’t want to compare Stimson as a teacher to Jason Nix, but I will say I learned some things from the Old Cougar during my time at EWU and I’m glad I took his class. You can always learn something if you have an open mind. 

Goofy’s small space brings quiet atmosphere

For students who are looking for an alternative to Eagles Pub and Wild Bill’s, there is Goofy’s.

Goofy’s is a bar located next to Wild Bill’s and across the street from Eagles Pub. Like most bars, it has two shelves filled with a variety of liquor. In addition to the mixed drinks, like a Jack and Coke or a Long Island Iced Tea, some bartenders will also make a surprise drink at the customer’s request.

For those who are more of the beer type, there are the typical domestic brews on tap, like Coors Light and Bud Light, as well as craft beers, like Black Butte Porter and Mac & Jack’s African Amber ale. Domestic beer costs $3.75 a pint while microbrews are $4.75 a pint.

Goofy’s also has a seasonal beer on tap, which is currently New Belgium’s Snow Day, a winter ale that is dark brown with a taupe-colored foam on top. Fans of winter ales made by Samuel Adams and Alaskan Amber may be put off by the dark color and the slightly chalky taste.

For customers who are strapped for cash, Goofy’s has daily specials Monday through Saturday on mixed drinks as well as a daily special of tequila shots and Fireball for $3.50. Power Hour is from 3-4 p.m., which has domestic pitchers for $4.50, while Happy Hour happens from 3-6 p.m.

While customers have a wide selection of alcohol, Goofy’s does not have a wide range of food options. Choices are limited to popcorn, sandwiches, pizza and nachos.

The decor of the place will catch patrons’ eyes. The walls in the billiards area are covered in vintage music and movie posters. Above the bar are decorations, like a large Pez dispenser of the Disney character Goofy that sits above a sign that reads, “There will be a $5 charge for whining.”

There is also a mirror on the wall that spans from the lounging area to the back of the billards area.

Customers may feel space is limited as the lounging space across from the bar area only has five two-person tables and two booths.

Past the bar there is an open space that has two billiard tables, three arcade games and “The Simpsons” Pinball Party next to the juke box. There is also an isolated area past the bathrooms where patrons have some privacy and play billiards. However, this area is not in good view of the bar and bartenders may not be able to see if a customer is finished with their beer.

Although the small space in Goofy’s may not be able to handle the crowds who show up and want to jump on the dance floor after two or three mixed drinks, it is a great place to watch sports on TV, do homework or relax with friends.

For EWU student Ana Lendeza, the atmosphere is more relaxing than at places like Eagles Pub or The Basement.

“It’s a bar just to hang out and not have distractions of everything else,” Leneza said. “The music is not too loud. It’s just a chill bar.”

The small area and relaxed atmosphere also allows bartenders to be more personable with the regulars who enter the bar.

“Your friends can come in and get them to try different drinks,” said Ashley Johnson, bartender. “I can do my homework if it’s really slow.”

Although the clientele of Goofy’s is the same at other bars, there is no fighting or rowdy behavior from customers.

“Everyone who comes in here [lets] loose but everyone seems to be in their right mind,” said Eryyn O’Dell, bartender and EWU student. “The patrons don’t get crazy or ruin anything.”

If a group of 20 or more friends want to find a bar to have their bachelor party or celebrate the Eagles latest victory, they might want to go to a bigger place.

However, if two friends want to just grab a beer and watch the game without having to wait 10 minutes to get service, then Goofy’s is a good spot.

407 First St., Cheney, WA 99004

Monday through Thursday
from 3 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Friday and Saturday
from 11:30 a.m. to 2 a.m.