From the baseball diamond to the newsroom bullpen

Advanced News Writing/Reporting
From the baseball diamond to the newsroom bullpen
by Al Stover

Jake Kershinar is a 21-year-old journalism major at Eastern who had originally wanted to work in radio, but found that he conveyed his thoughts better if he wrote them down vs. speaking them out loud. Born on the western side of Washington, Kershinar has lived in Spokane for the last five years. His parents have been married for 26 years and he is the oldest of five children. Kershinar also played baseball during high school. He currently works at Core-Mark International, which supplies convenience stores with supplies.

He is hoping to work for a newspaper or a magazine after he graduates.

Author’s Note:

This was an assignment in Stimson’s Advanced News Writing class. As far as the students in my News Writing and Advanced Journalism classes, I didn’t get to know Jake all too well. He is a good kid and I remember him writing a little bit for The Easterner – which was moons ago. Now that I’ve seen this after a few years, I wonder how Jake is doing. 

There were a lot of good kids in News Writing class, many of whom became successful. I think of Peter, Kyle and Josh as a few. I’ve become friends with a few of those kids, mainly Kara who shares my love of all things Game of Thrones. I think she’s coming back to Washington soon and we might catch up on old times if my schedule is free. 

Advanced News Writing was a class I enjoyed, though I really wanted to skip it because I had taken those classes at Spokane Falls Community College. As I learned, not all of the classes you take at the community college level will transfer over to university credits. Stimson was also adamant to have me take those classes because his way of teaching was different than other professors who taught journalism at other colleges.  

I won’t want to compare Stimson as a teacher to Jason Nix, but I will say I learned some things from the Old Cougar during my time at EWU and I’m glad I took his class. You can always learn something if you have an open mind. 


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