A Fighter’s Identity

A Fighter’s Identity

Al Stover/ Reporting and Photography

Archived photos contributed by SFCC Communicator

Former pro boxer Rick “The Pitbull” Welliver is the owner and the coach of Spokane Boxing and Martial Arts. This is his transformation from a professional boxer to coaching a new generation of athletes.

The assets I used for this production were photographs, title slides and audio. The programs I used for production were Garage Band, iMovie, Photoshop. This is without a doubt one of my favorite journalism projects I’ve ever worked on and it was for a class.

But enough about me, Welliver continues to train fighters at his gym’s new location in Downtown Spokane. The gym is something straight out of “Rocky” with its character messing well with the rest of downtown Spokane.

Welliver has been the subject of numerous articles in the last few years, detailing his milestones in teaching young boxers.  have yet to visit because I’m never in Spokane when it’s opened. I know a few friends who have joined the gym and had Welliver as a teacher and they nothing but positive things about their experience.

Here’s a brief description from Spokane Boxing’s webpage. You don’t have to be the next Floyd Mayweather Jr. or Saul Alvarez to join. The gym is cool place to go if you want to get in shape.

Spokane Boxing was started in 2002 by former professional boxer Rick Welliver, who had been training others since 1994 and had always dreamed of owning his own gym.  Since then, Rick has trained hundreds of men, women, kids, and young adults who have wanted to get in shape or become competitive boxers.  Rick has trained both amateur and professional fighters in his 22 year coaching career.

Welliver’s brother, Chauncey Welliver, opened his own boxing gym as well – its location on Division Street before moving to Hillyard. Both Welliver brothers are quality guys and have always been courteous to me when I’ve talked with them. I’ve had more encounters with Chauncey, having attended of a few the fundraisers he’s hosted in Spokane. He’s got a great prospect in Patrick Ferguson, who might be Spokane’s next top boxer.


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