Stephanie McMahon has the moves like dos Santos

For anyone who has known me for a long time, they know I grew up watching professional wrestling. They also know that I had a HUGE crush on Stephanie McMahon. Yes the same Stephanie McMahon who is the Boss’ daughter, is married to Triple H and is vice president of the company.

Whenever I used to play WWE video games, I would use one of my Create-A-Wrestler slots to make the same model as Stephanie, though rather than give her a “slap” or a “pedigree” as her finisher, I would equip her with the “Closeline from Hell,” which she used to knockout opponents – male and female – and win numerous WWF and WWE championships in the Playstation/Nintendo universe.

As I grew up, I put away the boyhood dream sharing a life with the Billion Dollar Princess, which would have consisted of us traveling in a van solving mysteries, and focused on writing on combat sports. I recently saw a video of her wearing some 4-ounce gloves and doing some quick handwork with some pads.

Like many fans, I was impressed the speed of her jabs, though I noticed some people commented “oh, just because she has quick hands, doesn’t mean she has power.”

True, speed doesn’t necessarily equal power, but there are some fighters who have demonstrated power behind their quickness. One fighter that comes to mind is former UFC Heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos, who is able to go take advantage of small openings and blast his opponents with his power.

There is also the argument that women do not have the power in their fists, which is ture…except if you don’t count fighters like Sarah Kaufman, Sheila Gaff and Cris Cyborg. Even prospect Veronica Rothenhausler, who is also known as “The Heartbreaker” has demonstrated that crisp one-punch knockout power.

Back to Stephanie, I also remembered watching the 1000th episode of RAW where during a segment between her husband and Paul Heyman, she took him down and delivered some shots to the head and body. Sure, Heyman sold the beating, but Stephanie showed she could deliver some vicious strikes.

Who knows, Stephanie McMahon, who is billed at 135 pounds, could someday be a star in MMA, if she decides to leave the WWE and concentrate on becoming a full-time fighter. Yes, she is in her later 30’s, but some women fighters have come into MMA at a later age.


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