What I learned from The Glamazon, a leprechaun and Colt Cabana

Recently I have been listening to the “Art of Wrestling” podcast, which is hosted by Colt Cabana, a performer who has held numerous championships, including the NWA World Heavyweight championship.

Today, I listened as Colt conducted interviews with former WWE Women’s champion “The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix and former WWE Cruiserweight champion Hornswoggle. After listening to these interviews, I took away some lessons.

Beth Phoenix

Pay favors forward. Beth talked about the kindness of Molly Holly, who not only got Beth’s tape to the WWE, but also paid for the first part of her tuition at Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW). Beth talks about taking time to do things for other people. There have been many people in my life who have helped me get to where I am at and after hearing the Glamazon’s story, I want to get better at doing things for others.

Don’t be afraid to follow your passion. Beth talked about stories on the road and working two jobs while training at OVW.

Embrace yourself for who you. Just as she was ready to call it quits, she got the phone call to come to to the main roster.

Be yourself. Beth talked how she tried to be the next Lita or Trish and it didn’t work for her. When she became The Glamazon, she found herself and went into new heights.

It’s always good to have friends and relax to a home-cooked meal. Being away from home has been hard and I just need to go out there and meet new people, as well as make time to come home.


Do what you love. Hornswoggle, whose real name is Dylan, talked about pursuing his dream of professional wrestling, despite his body type and all of the different mishaps in his life.

People are going to stare at you anyways, just do it. Hornswoggle is a short guy and people stare, but he doesn’t let that hinder his passions.

If you have a fanbase, don’t be ashamed of it. Hornswoggle said he knew that he catered to kids and he is fine with that. He loves it. I consider myself lucky with anyone who takes the time to read my writing.

Colt Cabana

I even learned some things from the host of the podcast.

Be proud of who you are representing. At the time he conducted the interview with Beth, he was won the JCW Heavyweight championship. Even though it was an indy promotion, he was proud to call himself their champion. I took this as I should be proud of representing not only the Herald-News, but also the websites I write for.

A lot of people put negative stuff out there in the world, but we should respect people’s tastes. Colt talked about the hate that Hornswoggle was getting from hardcore pro wrestling fans and said hate like that disgusts him. Even though you may disagree with someone’s tastes, does not give you the right to hurt them.

I saw a similar Facebook post from Kate, who recently took over my position at The Easterner.

As a wrestling fan, I have enjoyed Colt’s podcast. If you have iTunes, take a few hours and listen to some episodes.


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