The ballad of Don Coco Coravino

Going through some of my archives, I stumbled across this Voice Poem I did for my ethics class a couple of years ago. The ethics class was a requirement for EWU transfer student scholarship I earned. the class was tedious in some ways because I’m not a philosophy major, yet it was a blast in other ways. I’d be lying if I said this was my favorite assignment for the class.

I’d be lying if I said this was my favorite assignment for the class. For one task we had to recite a poem and I chose Muhammad Ali’s “promo” before he fought Sonny Liston.

The skinny about is that it’s a piece about an alley cat. You know, the type that thinks it’s tough and will take on all-comers. I kind of based the character on a wiseguy mafia thug, like Joe Pesci’s character from Goodfellas, or Sonny from the Godfather.

Don Coco Coravino

Hey wiseguy!

Who in the heck are you?

Don’t get too comfortable like you’re in some armchair.

This is my territory.

You see this pile right over here?

This plate of left over lasagna.

This half-eaten fish!

This jelly doughnut that’s been sitting here for two days.

Any food that comes from the apartments upstairs and lands down here.

It’s all mine.

Look bub, I’m going to level with you.

You better scram if you know what’s good for you.

Because, if you don’t, and I’ll make this clear.

I will pounce on you and scratch your whiskers off of your face.


You ever hear of Don Chesterino and Fluffykins Gardoni?

I flashed my claws and those scaredy-cats ran so fast up the next block.

Never saw them again.

Tell you what, I’m a reasonable guy.

You scratch behind my ears and I’ll let you hang out here for a little bit.



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