So long Psych and thank you for the memories

I am a large fan of mysteries, whether it’s novels or television series. And while I wasn’t surprised to learn that Psych was ending after season eight, it wasn’t any less sad.

I first watched “Psych” back in 2009 after discovering Hulu. I had finished a mini-marathon of “Monk”  when I saw the season-four episode “Shawn gets the Yips” in the recommendations area. Needless to say, I was hooked from the moment where Shawn Spencer complained about a member of a rival softball team getting his order of chilli cheese fries, which he self-named “The Shawn Spencer.”

Although the plot of the episode was solid writing, my favorite aspect of the show were the characters. After I watched the Yips, I went through and watched past seasons. Some of my favorite episodes in earlier seasons include “American Duos,” “Weekend Warriors” and “Spellingg Bee.” In later seasons you had great episodes like “We’d Like to Thank The Academy,” “100 Clues” and “This Episode Sucks.”

I also can’t forget about “Death is in the Air” with Shawn having “Rump Shaker” as his ringtone. Then there were the Yang trilogy, which was more serious than previous episodes.

My two favorite episodes would have to be “Dual Spires” and “Cirque Du Soul.”

“Dual Spires” to me was a great homage to “Twin Peaks” with all of the different references to the Peaks. And while it was a gimmick episode, the creators – specifically James Roday – made the episode because they wanted to create, not because the show was lacking in ratings and needed something to boost the ratings. In addition to the references to Peaks, there was also guest spots from several “Twin Peaks” stars.


Meanwhile “Cirque Du Soul” had a special place in my heart. The first time I watched it, I was at my friend Jackie’s house. It was after 11 p.m., and she was sleeping on the couch. Rather than do the wise thing and head surcumb to the sweet seduction of sleep, I decided to catch up on some missed episodes and “Cirque Du Soul” was my first pick. During the episode, Shawn earlier refers to himself as “OJ” (the full name escapes me). Later in the episode, one of the circus performers was rescuing the guys and says “OJ, come with me if you want to live.” Gus responds by saying “He better be talking to you.”

Throughout the episode, I tried holding in the laughter because I had the top half of a woman sleeping on my legs and after Gus’ quick reaction to the circus performer, I busted up laughing. Thankfully she didn’t wake up, not only because of the tears streaming down my fist, but also because she’s not a fan of the show. She had watched earlier seasons, but got out of watching it. That said, having her watch the episode with me would have made up for me having to sit through “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” and “Scandal.”

And there are the characters. Several years ago I remember my friend Doug saying that one of the reasons he enjoys “Scrubs” was because you could fall in love with all of the characters. That is how I feel about “Psych.” The quirky actions of Shawn and Gus, the eccentric nature of Lassiter, the optimistic Juliet, the no-nonsense Chief Vick or the wisdom of Henry Spencer. They reminded me of people you’d meet on the streets.

The different cameos and guest spots over the years were great. Watching Kevin Sorbo as Hercules turn into a sleazy bounty hunter was a dream come true. Then there are the guest spots by several members of “The Breakfast Club.” I think the only star they haven’t tabbed is Emilio Estevez.

Not having Emilio is just one of several loose ends that “Psych” will leave behind. Still, the show provided me with hours of entertainment and inspiration. For that, I would like to say thank you to creator Steve Franks and all of the stars of the show.


What are your favorite “Psych” episodes?


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