Twenty facts about me

This was for a Visual Communication Design Class I had back in college. 

  1. I am a first generation college student – my mother or father did not attend college, my mom didn’t even graduate high school. I like to think of myself as someone who is humble, but I’ve taken pride in that I was able to capture my AA and bachelor’s degree.

  2. I am 0-1 in boxing – funny story, this came from boxing my friend Jeff at a Roller Girls’ boxing tournament. We were essentially the co-main event of the finals.

  3. I have two nephews and one niece – Damian, Drake and Delilah.

  4. I am part Irish – at least my mom says I am.

  5. Liz Phair was my first concert – it was my 19th birthday and I had never been to a concert before. Phair put on a good show and her songs are raunchy and sexy.

  6. I covered my first drag show for the newspaper in March 2012 – it was for the EWU college newspaper. I always tell photographers are uncomfortable when it comes to taking photos of others, they should take pictures at a drag show.

  7. I have met a real life Ghostbuster – it was at the Spokane Comic-Con. I was doing a story on a paranormal investigator.

  8. I used to play World of Warcraft – actually I still do. My main character is my draenei hunter Florinn.

  9. I used to play Dungeons and Dragons – I’ve had numerous characters on paper over the years.

  10. Batman is my favorite hero – it’s the Dark Knight, what else can I say?

  11. I had surgery on my foot in 2nd grade – I was born with a sixth toe and had it cut off when my second-grade year was finished.

  12. I read detective stories – I love Agatha Christie, she’s one of my favorite authors and a hero of mine.

  13. I write fiction and non fiction – more so non-fiction than fiction. I never thought I would enjoy writing when I was a kid.

  14. I wrestled in high school – it was in 10th grade and I didn’t do well, but there was one match where I had that moment in high school.

  15. I love MMA – mixed martial arts is a fun sport to watch and follow/

  16. I keep a combat sports blog – in my spare time, I write about people beating each other up for money.

  17. I am a journalist – I currently write and edit for The Easterner.

  18. I love Fleetwood Mac – I used to hate Fleetwood Mac when I was a kid, but I enjoy their songs as an adult.

  19. I have a cat named Chaz – he’s a good earpiece for when I need someone to talk to.

  20. I helped teach Sunday school – at Life Center North. It’s cool to teach kids about God, but I also want them to come to religion in their own way.

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