Romancing the Hearthstone

Blizzard Entertainment seems to have become one of the masters of creating video games and killing time and their most recent game “Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft” is a new way for gamers to engage in the universe that houses the world of Azeroth.

I downloaded Hearthstone on my laptop last night before the fights and quickly engaged in the tutorial where you have to battle a mix of Warcraft foes and figures from the lore. After the first couple of games I got the impression that the game is similar to Yugi-Oh, but instead of Maximillian Pegasus trash talking Seto Kaiba – which only happened in the cartoons or whenever I was dueling my best friend Tom – you have Jaina Proudmoore trash talking Thrall. It’s a mix of prominent characters, like Jania and Thrall, but also former foes like Guldan.

Players can choose from one of nine heroes, which represent the starter classes of in “World of Warcraft.” I went with Jania – I’m not huge into magic users, but she had some cool abilities that went along with my prototypical strategy of blasting offense. They can use the starter decks or custom build their own decks. Like a lot of online card games, the more you play and win, the more cards you can get. Some of the rarer cards will feature more well-known heroes like Deathwing or Tirion Fordring.

As a fan of the Warcraft lore, I liked the idea of using Azeroth’s heroes –and villains – to control creatures and deal damage. I started out as Jaina (mage) and used my deck to blaze through the tutorial before UFC 171’s main card.

Again “Hearthstone” can be a time vampire, especially since it is free to play.

If you are on Hearthstone and need to pick up some quick victories, just find me with the nickname alstover.



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    I like Hearthstone. Its a fun game that could potentially get you into more competitive card games like Magic the Gathering.

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