The one where Al gushes over the WWE Network

A word of warning, this could be considered a PR/fluffy piece – but this is a blog after all and I think I can be as fluffy as I want.

For the last several weeks, I had seed advertisements for the WWE Network. You couldn’t escape it – it was on TV, Youtube and the radio. On a night where I had just finished covering a Beekeeper’s meeting in Medical Lake, I decided to order it and I haven’t looked back since.

One of the benefits for fans who order the WWE Network get to watch Wrestlemania XXX, as well as the other pay per views. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ve seen some folks express their disinterest and disgust – these are the same folks who always bash the Federation for whatever reason – while others – mainly good ol’ Jim Ross – have tout the good things about the network.

Since I’ve been a subscriber, I haven’t had any problems with the service. The network is exactly what you would expect. There are numerous hours of content that can be enjoyed, not only by WWE fans, but also WCW and ECW folks. I’ve been watching mostly the “Legends of Wrestling” program and older shows.

In addition to the good memories, I watched the NXT Arrival and I was more impressed. From top to bottom, the card was pretty solid. NXT gave kind of an old-school feel where you had lots of wrestling, numerous characters, and a smaller venue or television studio – similar to ECW and the World Championship Wrestling tapings.

So there you have it fight fans. This is my endorsement for the WWE Network. If you have the money to spare, you should get it. It’s a wise investment for any professional wrestling fan, especially those who enjoy the days of NWA, AWA and other territories.



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