Tennis anyone? … anyone?

Katelynn Smedley 1

After leaving the office I had a chance to watch some good matches.

Not the type of matches you would see in boxing, MMA or wrestling – though I’m sure these athletes could give any of these sports if they wanted to. No, I’m talking about tennis.

While the extent of my tennis experience comes from “Wii Sports” and “Mario Tennis” on the Nintendo 64, I enjoy watching it. It may be as grueling as combat sports, but tennis requires focus, power and quick reactions. Players also have to be tough as some of the bumps they take when they dive for a ball can leave bruises. Those courts aren’t air mattresses.

After several weeks on the road, the Cheney Blackhawks girls’ tennis team returned home to face the Pullman Greyhounds.

Going into the duel Pullman is undefeated and they certainly gave the Blackhawks a go. Sadly only one of the players won her match – Katelynn Smedley, who is undefeated at the No. 1 singles spot. Similar to sports like wrestling and track – team sports where there is an individual opponent – tennis allows athletes to advance through competition, even if the rest of the team does not.

That’s not saying that the other gals on the Cheney team aren’t that good – they picked up a win against East Valley the day before and many players find themselves in close, grueling matches. It’s just that Smedley has beaten every opponent that has stood opposite on the court from her. It will be interesting to see how far she goes in competition this year.


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