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Podcast Theater: Chris Jericho interviews Kevin Owens

On the latest episode of “Talk is Jericho,” Chris Jericho interviews NXT champion Kevin Owens, who will make his WWE debut against John Cena on tonight’s Elimination Chamber event. Owens talks about his WWE tryout and some of the things he’s learned over the years.

This is a pretty good interview and will charge you up before Owens takes on Cena.


Keep Marching Forward

Poke Post: Game Grumps play Pokemon FireRed

Normally I don’t like video game playthroughs with commentary but the Game Grumps are pretty funny, so I’m going to watch them as they venture through Pokemon FireRed. Here’s the first post of many.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

I never’s progress
Pokemon team
Charmander – Sch
Weedle – Buntd
Rattata – Knurttt
Pikachu – Splaart


Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen description from Bulbapedia

Pokémon FireRed Version (Japanese: ポケットモンスターファイアレッド Pocket Monsters Firered[4]) and Pokémon LeafGreen Version (Japanese: ポケットモンスターリーフグリーン Pocket Monsters Leafgreen[4]) are a pair of core series Generation III games that are set in the Kanto region. They were released in Japan on January 29, 2004, in North America on September 9, 2004, in Australia on September 23, 2004 and in Europe on October 1, 2004.

As the first remakes in the Pokémon franchise, the games revisit the original pair of Pokémon games, Pokémon Red and Green Versions. The remakes feature the characters, plot elements, and challenges from the originals, along with several updates introduced in Generation III.
The Game Boy Advance Wireless Adapter was initially included with the games when they were first released, eliminating the need for Game Link Cables when trading between the two games (and later Pokémon Emerald Version). In later copies, it was sold separately.

FireRed and LeafGreen went on to become the second best-selling games on the Game Boy Advance, only behind Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Versions. They also received Nintendo’s Player’s Choice awards.

As in all Generation III games, Pokémon now have natures, Abilities, and genders, and can hold items.
Magnemite and Magneton now are Electric/Steel, as they have been since Generation II. In the original Red and Green games, they were pure Electric-type.
Pokémon retain their Generation II and III evolutionary lines (e.g. Golbat can evolve into Crobat), but cannot evolve into these new stages until after the player has obtained the National Pokédex. Eevee is the only exception to this, since Espeon and Umbreon cannot be obtained due to the lack of a clock system in the game, and trading between the other Generation III games is required to obtain them.
Ponyta and Magmar (LeafGreen only) have been moved to new locations. Ponyta is now located on One Island’s Kindle Road, and Magmar is now at Mt. Ember. In Generation I, they were both found in the Pokémon Mansion on Cinnabar Island.
Deoxys debuts two new forms: Attack Forme (FireRed) and Defense Forme (LeafGreen), which appear exclusively in the respective games.
Moltres has moved from its original location in Victory Road to Mt. Ember. Cerulean Cave, where Mewtwo resides, now requires Rock Smash for navigation, and it cannot be entered until after the post-game mission in the Sevii Islands has been completed.
One of Johto’s legendary beasts (Raikou, Entei, or Suicune) will roam around Kanto after completing the Network Machine quest on the Sevii Islands during the post-game. The beast that appears is the one that has a type advantage over the player’s starter Pokémon.
Game-exclusive Pokémon and wild Pokémon distribution have been altered from the original games to account for new evolutions released in Generation II.
Mankey and Meowth, originally game-exclusive, are now available in both games, while Psyduck, Shellder, Slowpoke, and Staryu have become game-exclusives. Due to this change, Lickitung, which was originally available through an in-game trade by trading Slowbro in both Red and Blue, now is traded for Golduck in FireRed or Slowbro in LeafGreen.

Jessamyn Duke vs Elizabeth Phillips Slated for Chi-town Rumble

Note: This is a story I wrote for MMA Latest News.

The newest addition to the UFC on Fox card headlined by the rematch between bantamweight titleholder T.J. Dillashaw and former champion Renan Barao, July 25 in Chicago, features a rematch between prospects Jessamyn “The Gun” Duke and Elizabeth Phillips. UFC officials confirmed the announcement via Twitter.

Phillips (4-3 MMA, 0-2 UFC) and Duke (3-2 1NC, 0-2)faced off in 2012 at RFA 2 where The Gun submitted the SikJitsu fighter in the second round with a guillotine choke.

Both fighters have taken similar paths since their first bout. Duke won her professional debut against Suzie Montero, finishing her in the third round via TKO. She earned victories over Marciea Allen and Peggy Morgan. In between those fights, she fought Miriam Nakamoto to a no-contest. Duke had originally lost the fight via TKO, however the Missouri Athletic Commission overturned Nakamoto’s victory after it deemed that she threw an illegal knee while her opponent was in the kneeling position.

Duke also starred in “The Ultimate Fighter 18” where she met training partners and Four Horsewomen Shayna Baszler and Ronda Rousey. She’s coming off back-to-back losses against Bethe “The Pitbull” Correia and Leslie “The Peacemaker” Smith.

As for Phillips, she finished her amateur run with a split-decision win over Priscilla White at Night of Champions 7. She stepped up to the professional ranks where she lost to Nakamoto in her debut. Phillips rebounded from her loss, winning her next four fights, including wins over Stevie VanAsshcie, Katie Howard, and Kristen Stenzel.

Two weeks after her win over Howard, Phillips signed with the UFC. She’s dropped razor-thin decisions to Valerie Letourneau and Milana Dudieva.

This should be a good fight that will more and likely be on the preliminary card. Both fighters are well-rounded with similar experience. They also have good camps. While Duke trains with Baszler and other fighters like Colleen Schneider and Josh Barnett, Phillips grapples and spars with three “Ultimate Fighter” castmates – two of them winners – Michael Chiesa, Sam Sicilia, and Julianna Pena. She’s also learned from veterans of the sport.

Both Duke and Phillips have their backs against the wall and will be looking for their first octagon win. Some may give Duke the edge because she won the first fight and has gained a lot of experience in the last years, but Phillips has also come a long way since her amateur days.

Megan Anderson Becomes Latest Invicta Featherweight Fighter

Note: This is a story I wrote for MMA Latest News.

Invicta Fighting Championships continues to build their featherweight division with the recent signing of Australian prospect Megan Anderson.

The promotion announced it had inked a contract with the fighter who trains with Empire Martial arts, who confirmed it on her Facebook page.

In the news release, Anderson expressed her excitement with signing with Invicta.

“Invicta FC is a very respected and well-renowned organization and they are one of the front runners in the growth and rise of women in mixed martial arts. Being signed to an international promotion such as Invicta, it’s the ultimate dream for anyone in mixed martial arts. I’m very excited to be able to show them what this Aussie can do.”

In her professional debut, Anderson (4-1) dropped a close majority decision to fellow Australian Zoie Shreiweis. She went 4 for 4 in 2014, including a 30-second submission win (rear-naked choke) and forcing Shreiweis to tap to an armbar in 92 seconds of their rematch. Anderson is also the current Roshambo featherweight champion. Prior to joining Invicta, Anderson was scheduled to face Heather Malone at XFC Australia 24 earlier this month before that fight fell through.

Anderson will join Marina Shafir and Hannah Rogers as the newest additions to Invicta’s 145-pound roster. She is also the fifth Australian fighter to sign with the promotion. Fellow countrywoman Fiona Muxlow fought in the Invicta cage in 2013, facing Cris “Cyborg” Justino in the Brazilian’s promotional debut. Bec Rawlings and Alex Chambers enjoyed short stints in Invicta before moving on to the UFC. featherweight Fiona Muxlow. Jessica-Rose Clark signed with the company back in January.

“I’m very honored and proud to be representing my country in the Invicta cage. “We may be far away from the action, but we certainly bring it every time we step into that cage.”

Anderson added that she goes into the cage to get the “job done in the most ruthless and brutal way possible” and put the division on notice.

I like that Invicta is building their 145 division, a weight class that was once the unloved child of MMA but is now gaining momentum, especially with Bellator joining the featherweight club. This is a good signing for Invicta and it will be interesting to see how Anderson matches up in a division that has a mix of powerful strikers and submission specialists.

Podcast Theater: The bold Diedrich Bader

Kevin Smith interviews “Batman: Brave and the Bold” star Diedrich Bader in a two-part series. Although Bader’s tenure as the Dark Knight wasn’t as long as Kevin Conroy’s, he left a mark on the character and made him fun. Some knock the Brave and the Bold for it being too childish, but I think it’s a great homage to the old Batman stories. It’s also a way to introduce kids to Batman.

Part 1

Part 2

Summerhawks opening day

Yesterday was the Cheney Summerhawks 17U baseball team’s opening day. They dropped their first game to Premier NW BBC 9-6. Here are some of those photos.

SPORTS - Andrew Witt - 06042015

SPORTS - Matt Riggs - 06042015

SPORTS - Logan Pratt - 06042015

SPORTS - Collision - 06042015

SPORTS - Batter - 06042015