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Theater: The Bat and the Penguin

In this Most Wanted Mission, Batman hunts the Penguin.


Theater: Batman’s worst nightmare

One of the dlc missions for “Batman Arkham Knight” is the Scarecrow Nightmare scenario. Scarecrow’s fear toxin has covered Gotham and it’s up to Batman to stop him.

This is a pretty trippy mission. It’s reminiscent from the Scarecrow battles in “Batman: Arkham Asylum.”

Theater: Gotham City is on fire!

One of “Batman: Arkham Knight’s” side missions feature encounters with Firefly. During the encounter Firefly makes some references to “Batman: Arkham Origins.”

Gotham On Fire (Firefly)

Theater: Batman and the Two-Faced bandit

One of the side missions in “Batman: Arkham Knight” involves the Dark Knight going up against Two Face and his men during a bank robbery.

Theater: Harley Quinn rescues Poison Ivy

One of the side missions in “Batman: Arkham Knight” features Harley Quinn rescuing Poison Ivy. Here are a couple of videos with gameplay footage. Special appearance from The Penguin.

part 1

part 2

Theater: Batman Arkham Knight

Last week the highly anticipated “Batman: Arkham Knight” came out. As a fan of the Dark Knight, the game’s story lived up to the hype.

Here’s a four-and-a-half hour video of all of the game’s cutscenes.

4-and-a-half hours worth of video

Final boss and ending

Batman faces the Riddler in Arkham Knight

In addition to the main story, Batman has to face many opponents in “Arkham Knight” – there are several side missions throughout the game where the player gets to foil the rogues. One of the bigger quest chains has you finding riddles and testing Riddler’s race tracks in hopes of rescuing Catwoman.

The Riddler is one of my favorite Batman villains with the Arkhamverse Nygma being my favorite incarnation. I feel like the Riddler’s appearances in the last three games lead up to this.

This is one of many of the Riddler’s racetracks.

Riddler boss fight