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Cheney High Football photos part 4

And here’s the finale of football photos.

Football practice 14Football practice 13

Football practice 12


Cheney High Football photos part 3

And here’s another set of football photos.

Football practice 8

Football practice 9

Football practice 10Football practice 11

More Cheney High Football photos

Here are some more photos from practice.

Football practice 5

Football practice 4

Football practice 7

Football practice 6

Cheney High Football Photos part 1

Shortly after I walked into the office my editor informed me that I would be covering Cheney High School football this year. To say I am excited is a bit of an understatement. I’ve been looking forward to this since my days in Wolf Point.

Last Friday, before I got the news, I went out of the office to take some practice photos of the football team.

Football practice 15

Football practice 16

Football practice 2

Football practice 3

Football practice 1

Gamer Gauntlet with Giant Bomb

There are no WWE superstars in this edition of Gamer Gauntlet but Austin Creed has brought his friends from Giant Bomb to play “Duck Game.” The loser has to drink what can be described as a mix of some of the best and worst stuff on Earth.

Austin Creed and Kalisto on Black Ops 3

On this episode of “UpUpDownDown,” WWE’s Austin Creed and Kalisto play a beta version of Black Ops 3. Fans get to learn about Kalisto’s history in gaming, specifically his favorite Sega Genesis game.

Poke Post: Ecruteak and Olivine


The battle with Whitney was over but my journey was far from over.

After my victory at Goldenrod City, I traveled North to Ecruteak City. The small group of trainers on routes 36 and 37 provided little challenge. However, it the was the Stantlers that gave me some trouble. After I entered Ecruteak’s gates one of the locals informed me that the gym leader and one of the researchers at the Burned Tower, followed by Bill, the inventor of the PC Storage System. Before I headed over I got a drink at the Kimono Theater and battled a slightly inebriated Rocket Grunt.

I approved the structure smelling smoke and hearing faint voices. As I opened the door I could hear CM Punk, who challenged me to a battle. Unlike our first two encounters, I took Punk’s Pokemon down with ease. After the battle my Bellsprout evolved into a Weepingbell.

After Punk left, I saw the three Legendary beasts, Raikou, Suicune and Entei. Raikou and Entei made a quick getaway but Suicune decided to examine me and my Pokemon. Ron seemed a little nervous, as was I until Suicune left. I met Morty, the Ecruteak gym leader, and Eusine. I later went to the Ecruteak Gym to challenge Morty. His ghost Pokemon fell to George’s twinneedle and Brocks’ flamethrower attacks.

I traveled West to Olivine City. The area had a nice seaport and lighthouse where Olivine’s gym leader Jasmine was taking care of a sick Pokemon that is responsible for illuminating the lighthouse. Jasmine asked me to retrieve a special potion at Cianwood City. I surfed on Ron as he traveled on the sea, defeating various swimmers to get to Cianwood City. When I arrived I found the pharmacy to retrieve the special medicine.

I was ready to return to Olivine City but I felt like I still had some unfinished business in Cianwood, especially after I saw the gym.