Alman on Chyna

Like many wrestling fans, I woke up to the news that former WWE superstar Chyna passed away. First and foremost, I would like to send my thoughts, prayers, well wishes and good vibes to her, her family and fans who were affected by the news. It’s never easy losing someone you care about and while critics throw out the old line of “one celebrity dies and everyone is sad but millions of ordinary people pass away and no one mourns them” it is my belief that it’s OK to mourn those who have passed on – celebrity or ordinary.

But Chyna wasn’t just a celebrity or wrestler. She transcended the typical role of valet and woman wrestler. The women who came through the WWF/E over the years who got in the ring were beautiful and physical when Chyna was built as someone who wasn’t afraid to throw down with the men. When Chyna’s music hit, you knew you were going to get you ass kicked. But she showed that you can be strong and sexy.

Chyna accomplished a lot in her WWE tenure, winning the Intercontinental championship (twice) and the women’s title. There’s speculations as to why her star faded after she left WWE and her personal battles and career in other industries are documented, but it also sounded like she was in a good place before she passed away. I’m going to choose to remember the badass superstar who made her mark on the business and inspired other women to get into the game.

I’d like to see Chyna inducted into the Hall of Fame but I’m sure we won’t see it for awhile – I’m not going to go into a rant as to why the WWE should induct her, it’s their business. But that’s OK. She’s got the love and the respect of her fans and peers. And there are other wrestling Hall of Fames out there.

Chyna was the 9th Wonder of the World and there will never be another wrestler like her. I hope she has found peace and is kicking ass in the big Squared Circle in the sky.


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