Poke Post: Hatching eggs

I can add a new title to my Pokemon training career: Pokemon Breeder.

Last night and today I hatched a couple of eggs in Pokemon Omega Ruby. I breeded my level 100 shiny Sylveon and my Eevee (Surplus Cart) and they produced two eggs, which both hatched into Eevees. I named one Prince, after the singer, and the other Big E, after the wrestler.

I know breeding is popular among many trainers, but it is time consuming, at least when you try to wind down the egg cycles. I mostly walked and rode my bike around Hoenn while catching a bunch of Pokemon. Breeding and hatching eggs is fascinating, but I’m probably done hatching eggs for the moment. I’ll level one of these Pokemon into an Umbreon or Espion as those are the only two Eeveelutions I don’t have right now.


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