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Fight Theater: Michael Bisping vs. Cung Le

“The Ultimate Fighter 3″ winner and longtime octagon veteran Michael Bisping finally gets his shot at UFC gold when he faces Luke Rockhold for the middleweight title at UFC 199. Here’s his fight with former Strikeforce middleweight champion Cung Le. This is one of Bisping’s most impressive performances.

Bonus, here’s a video of Michael Bisping – the dad.


Photography: Cheney Summerhawks photos

Summerhawks 1

Spring sports may be over, but summer baseball has just begun. I spoke with both the 15U and 17U Cheney Summerhawk baseball teams, who recently started practice. These are photos of the 17U team.

Summerhawks 3
Both the above pictures feature the 17U team practicing some drills. Below are photos of the 15U team during practice.




— Baseball

Baseball is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of nine players each, who take turns batting and fielding. The batting team attempts to score runs by hitting a ball (that is thrown by the opposing team’s pitcher) with a bat swung by the batter, and then running counter-clockwise around a series of four bases: first, second, third, and home plate. A run is scored when a player advances around the bases and returns to home plate.

Players on the batting team take turns hitting against the pitcher of the fielding team, which tries to prevent runs by getting hitters out in any of several ways. A player on the batting team who reaches a base safely can later attempt to advance to subsequent bases during teammates’ turns batting, such as on a hit or by other means. The teams switch between batting and fielding whenever the fielding team records three outs. One turn batting for both teams, beginning with the visiting team, constitutes an inning. A game is composed of nine innings, and the team with the greater number of runs at the end of the game wins. If scores are tied at the end of nine innings, extra innings are usually played. Baseball has no game clock, although most games end in the ninth inning.

Baseball evolved from older bat-and-ball games already being played in England by the mid-18th century. This game was brought by immigrants to North America, where the modern version developed. By the late 19th century, baseball was widely recognized as the national sport of the United States. Baseball is currently popular in North America and parts of Central and South America, the Caribbean, and East Asia, particularly in Japan and South Korea.

Photography: Memorial Day Ceremony

Today I took some photos at the Memorial Day Ceremony at Grandview Cemetery in Cheney.

Memorial Day Celebration EWU ROTC
EWU ROTC color guard presents colors.

Memorial Day celebration Payne
Cheney High School student Shayla Payne speaks during the ceremony.

Memorial Day Scouts
Boys Scouts lead people in the Pledge of Allegiance.

CHS’s Elizabeth Potter plays “Taps.”

Alman on CHS golf and tennis

Tennis Axtell 1

Spring sports concluded last week for Cheney High School after the 2A state golf and tennis championships. I’ve already written about baseball so this post will focus on the golf and tennis teams I covered this year.

Both boys’ and girls’ golf teams had some success. Cheyenne Marchand and Tyler Koohns both made it to state again – I will have the official recap up this week – while younger players like Kelsey Smith and Thomas Baycroft – who were state alternates – Ian Hill, Katrina Lbuseic and Logan Klauss made strides in their game.

Marchand will be graduating and playing golf at Whitworth University but there will be plenty of players who can step up from the girls’ team. The boys only lose Scott Nadeau and all of the starters this year will return next season.

Both tennis teams had amazing season. The boys won their second regular season championship and sent two doubles teams to state. The girls finished second in the Great Northern League and won the District 7 team title with Bridget Calvert going to state.

The boys team won 13 of their 14 matches and shared the league title with Pullman. Although the doubles teams – which were comprised of the four singles players Ryan Axtell and Mason Van Stone, and Brandon Foster and Shogo Starr – didn’t make it far in state, they played well and had stellar regular seasons.

But it wasn’t just the seniors who shined. Sophmores like Hayden Bennett and Aaron Fillmore had success – including a third-place finish at the Inland Empire Classic tennis tournament – and gained some varsity experience, which will be good for them heading into next season.

That said, I think next season will be a rebuilding one for the boys team, but the year after they’ll look great. Of course I could be wrong and they could win a third-straight league title.

As for the girls, they were a big surprise this year. Although they’ve improved since Jason Overland took the reins of the team in 2013, I didn’t expect them to finish as strong as they did, nor did I think they would win the District title. There’s a lot of talent on that team, but the GNL is a meat-grinder especially when it comes to individualized sports like wrestling and tennis.

Calvert had the best season of her career and it was good to see her compete at state, especially after she missed the opportunity to do in 2015 after she lost to teammate Katelynn Smedley at districts.

This year has been great for both teams. Spring sports is always fun to cover and I can’t wait until next year.

Happy Memorial Day

Thank you to the brave men and women who have served and given their lives for this country and its people.

Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Tyler Breeze on UpUpDownDown

Here are the latest Superstar Savepoint/Gamer Gauntlet videos from “UpUpDownDown.”

After a few cameos, Tom Phillips a.k.a. Young Boy Tom has finally gotten his own Superstar Savepoint episode on the channel! He joins Austin Creed as the two play Joe Montana Football and try to not be god awful at it.

Gamer Gauntlet stays in the Kansas City game room once again this week with Tyler Breeze a.k.a. Prince Pretty and Byron Saxton a.k.a. Sax Man facing off to see who can shoot arcade hoops better. Austin Creed laps up their banter and antics as they play Pop-A-Shot Basketball!

Ibuki Street Fighter V reveal trailer

The ninja Ibuki will be joining the cast of Street Fighter V. I didn’t Ibuki too much in Street Fighter III or IV, but I like her design and what she brings to the game. She’s got youth, energy and spunk.