PokePost: Pokemon Fable

Another fanfiction submission for Bulbapedia. This one has to do with a Pokemon character – specifically Ash Ketchum – learning a lesson.

Ash Ketchum and Clemont stood across from one another as Talonflame flew through air, releasing a flamethrower on a snowman that melted within seconds.

The Pokemon trainer from Pallet Town was days away from challenging the Snowbelle gym leader Wulfric for the Iceberg Badge. He, Clemont, Serena and Bonnie made it to Snowbelle City a few days before Christmas. The four decided to spend the Christmas holiday in the city, with Ash intent on spending the majority of his time training.

As they unpacked their bags at the Pokemon center, Clemont and Ash discussed battle strategies. Knowing Wulfric used ice Pokemon, Ash’s first choice was Talonflame. While Talonflame’s first gave it an advantage, his flying put him at a disadvantage. Ash decided to focus on using Talonflame’s speed to avoid any ice attacks Wulfric’s Pokemon might throw at him.

“That just leaves two other Pokemon,” Ash whispered as Talonflame completed a circle overhead.

Almost as if he was reading his mind, Ash heard Clemont ask him,” What other Pokemon are you going to use?”

Ash smiled. “I can always count on Pikachu in a pinch,” he said. “I was also thinking of having Greninja as clean up.”

Clemont tilted his glasses. “A water type against an ice. That’s not very effective.”

Ash shrugged. “Maybe not, but I was thinking of using Greninja’s speed.”

Clemont stood back as Serena walked over. “Everyone, my delicious Pokepuffs are ready,” she said as Clemont smiled.

Ash shook his head. “Thanks Serena, but I’ll eat later,” he said.

“Ash Ketchum, that’s the third time you’ve said that today,” Serena said with irritation in her voice. “You already missed breakfast and lunch. All you’ve been doing is training. You have to eat sometime.”

“I will Serena, I promise,” Ash said as he watched her away in a huff. “She doesn’t usually get upset when we’re training.”

“Well you usually don’t miss this many meals,” Clemont replied. “She’s right, all you’ve been doing is training. I’m going to wrap the gifts I got you, Serena and Bonnie. You should come inside. I heard there was supposed to be a snowstorm coming in.”

Ash scrunched up the parka he wore. “I’ll join you later,” he said. “I’ve got more training to do I’m going to walk around the forest and find a good spot.”

Clemont sighed before he bid Ash farewell. Ash glanced down at Pikachu, who stared at Ash with concern. “Hey buddy, are you ready for more training?”

Pikachu tilted his head as his stomach let out a growl. “Get some food first,” Ash said with a laugh. “I’ll join you shortly.” After Pikachu shook his head, his stomach let out another growl.

“I’ll be fine, really,” Ash said, watching his Pokemon blush.

Pikachu watched Ash walked deeper into the forest before heading inside.


Ash ventured deeper into the forest as the snow started coming down. He had trouble picking out a good spot to train, scouting the area for at least an hour before a grove next to a cave. He spent an hour training with Greninja and Talonflame. He brought out Noibat and Hawlucha, who were both cold. He continued the training until the snow started coming down hard.

“I’ll continue training in this spot tomorrow,” he said, calling back Talonflame and Greninja. Before he could walk away, a large snow pile fell from the tree and crashed on him, soaking his parka. He sighed as the snow and wind hindered his vision.

Realizing it was too dangerous to go back to the Pokemon Center, Ash reached his arms out, and walked forward, hoping to find something solid – or someone friendly. Once felt solid rock, he held on to it until he reached what he thought was the mouth of a cave. He continued into the cave and called out Talonflame.

“Hey Talonflame, do you think you could provide some light?” he asked. The Pokemon smiled at Ash and lit a group of twigs on the ground, providing some fire.

Talonflame shivered for a moment as Ash moved close to the fire. “Thank you, now get some rest,” he said before staring into the fire, hoping he wouldn’t be in the cage for too long. His thoughts then turned to his friends at the Pokemon Center, specifically Serena.

“If only she could see me now,” Ash said before he laid down next to the fire. “I’m sure she’d lay it into me.”

“I’m worried about him,” Serena said as she stared out the window, waiting for Ash to appear.

“I’m sure Ash will return soon,” Clemont said as he tried his best to hide the present from Bonnie.

“Yeah Serena, don’t worry,” Bonnie added before Dedene gave a reassuring cry.

Serena glanced down at Pikachu, who was as worried as she was. She had seen Ash tell Pikachu to go inside and get some food.

“He shouldn’t be gone for this long,” Serena said. “Do you think we should go out there and look for him?” asked the concerned Pokemon. Pikachu thought about it, then nodded.

“You’re right Pikachu,” she added. “Ash wouldn’t just sit here.”

Before Serena could grab her coat, Clemont stood in front of the door. “You’ll need something to keep you warm. And luckily I have just the thing.”

“The future is now, thanks to science,” he said, presenting what appeared to be a thick wool onesie. He pressed the left sleeve as it began to glow. “I’ve bought this specifically for Ash’s training in Snowbelle City. It’s a suit that also keeps you warm.”

Serena quickly put the garment on over her clothes, then grabbed her coat. “I won’t be gone for long,” she said. She opened the door as Pikachu stepped forward. “You should stay here Pikachu.” The Pokemon wouldn’t budge, until Clemont presented him with a smaller version of the thermal suit.

“I made a Pokemon-sized one as well,” Clemont said as Pikachu let out a joyful cry and threw on the clothing.

Serena and Pikachu walked outside, hoping to find their friend.

Ash sat quietly as the snow continued to fall outside. Part of him wondered if he could make it back to the Pokemon Center, even in the snowstorm. He didn’t want to put his Pokemon at risk. Talonflame, Greninja, Hawlucha and Noibat were safe in their pokeballs. Ash only brought out Talonflame to start a fire, then put him back in.

“It looks like I’m going to be stuck here for Christmas,” Ash said, missing his friends. He remembered Serena’s words, cautioning him about focusing too much on his training. “She’s right. I’ve spent way too much time training. If I wasn’t so dead set on getting ready for my gym battle, I’d be back at the Pokemon Center.”

Just then, Ash watched as the Pokemon came out of their Pokeballs and quickly huddled around their trainer. “Thanks guys,” Ash said. Greninja and Talonflame began going deeper into the cave while Hawlucha walked over to the entrance and gathered a couple of ferns and brought out some berries.

Ash watched as Hawlucha placed the ferns a few feet away from the fire, then tried to put the berries on the tips of the fern’s leaves. “I get it, you’re trying to make a Christmas tree,” he said. Talonflame and Greninja returned with an old tree stump. They placed the fern on top of the stump.

Ash’s thoughts turned to Pikachu, wishing his friend was there. “At least he’s safe at the Pokemon Center,” he said before he heard Pikachu’s cry from near the cave’s entrance.

After Pikachu let out another cry, he heard Serena yell,” I see the fire too Pikachu. Ash is that you?”

“Serena!, Pikachu!” Ash cried as his friends ran toward him, both wearing what he thought were wool pajamas.

Pikachu leaped into his trainer’s arms. Ash smiled, feeling the warmth radiating from Pikachu’s garment. He closed his eyes until Serena’s wrapped her arms around him. “I’m so glad to see you too, did you come all this way for me?”

“Of course we did,” Serena said. “Clemont made these suits so Pikachu and I could keep warm. It’s still snowing pretty hard outside.”

Serena frowned as she let go of Ash. “We’ll have to wait until morning to go back to the Pokemon Center,” she added. She noticed Ash’s other Pokemon gathering around the makeshift Christmas tree. “I guess you’ve been training in this cave. I could have my Pokemon help too”

“Actually, we’re just settling in for the night,” Ash replied. He and Serena sat close to the fire as the Pokemon gathered around them.

“I’m sorry I yelled at you earlier,” Serena finally said.

“It’s okay Serena,” Ash said. “You were right. I got too caught up in training. I’ll take the next couple of days off and give my Pokemon some well-needed rest for the holidays.”

“Don’t forget to enjoy the holiday yourself,” Serena said as she felt Ash’s arm around her.

“I won’t,” Ash said. After a moment of silence, he added,” Merry Christmas.”

Serena slid closer to him, feeling his warmth. “Merry Christmas, Ash.”

Ash and Serena opened their eyes as sunlight peeked through the cave’s entrance. Both trainers stretched as they heard Bonnie’s voice. “Do you think they are in this cave?” she said.

“My machine detects both Serena and Pikachu are in this cave,” Clemont said.

Ash, Serena and Pikachu – who had just woke up – started calling Clemont and Bonnie. The siblings rushed deeper into the cave and met their friends. Dedene followed suit and hugged Pikachu. “We were so worried when you didn’t come back Serena,” Bonnie said.

“I was able to find you with my tracking device,” Clemont added. “It seems like my suit was able to keep both you and Ash warm.”

Serena blushed while Ash pointed to the fire. “We had Talonflame and Braixen keep the fire going.”

“That’s good news,” Clemont said. “The snowstorm is over. We should get back to the Pokemon center so we can open gifts and Ash can get back to training.”

Ash shook his head. “We can open gifts, but let’s skip the training for a couple of days.”

Both Bonnie and Clemont looked stunned while Serena smiled. “Ash, I thought you wanted to get in some more training before you challenge Wulfric?” Clemont asked.

“I do, but there’s time for that later,” Ash replied. “Right now, I just want to spend Christmas with my friends.”


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