Poke Post: Making connections in Super Mystery Dungeon


One of my favorite things about role playing games is more often than not, you get to travel and fight with an assortment of characters with different abilities and backstories.

The last time I played Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, I had just gotten my team APA – with my Pikachu starter and Froakie sidekick – underway. For this mission, Ampharos taught us about the connection orbs used to get missions and recruit Pokemon. The missions are similar to the first Mystery Dungeon I’ve played – you’ve got to rescue Pokemon or at least find items for them.

For the first mission my team rescued a Sylveon from a dungeon and she immediately joined the group. This was a nice change of pace from previous Mystery Dungeon games where you had to attack a Pokemon in hopes of getting him/her to your party.

After I finished a couple of more quests and recruited more team members, I learned of the third type of mission in Super Mystery Dungeon – boss battles. To help Axew, my team comprised of level 12-14 characters and the level 19 Sylveon had to face a level 50 Salamance. The battle was difficult but I managed to win with a few team attacks. What was cool was Salamance also joined the team.

I haven’t been able to play this game too much with work. I’ve been slowing down on Pokemon Omega Ruby as well and now that I’ve got most of my Pokemon traded on that game, I think some time on Super Mystery Dungeon is warranted.


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