Poke Post: First win


I felt like Annie Potts from Ghostbusters earlier today in that I got my first win in a Pokemon battle competition. “We got one!”

Today was the first day of the Pokemon Johto Classic where competitors can use Pokemon from the first and second generation barring a few exceptions. My team for this competition consisted of Raikou (Oberynn), Charizard (Bartolo), Blastoise, Gengar, Noctowl (Charlotte) and Sandslash (Sandi).

The battle formate consisted of one on one battles with three Pokemon I went 1-2 for the day, winning my third match with Raikou, Gengar and Blastoise.

My Gengar took out my opponent’s Blastoise and Dragonite with lightning bolt and dazzling gem, respectively. His Typhlosion finished Gengar and then took out Blastoise. My Raikou finished him off.

As for my first two matches, I got swept by both opponents. It was pretty cool to get that win. I’ll probably only do three battles since that is all you need to get the participation gift – Whitney’s Miltank.

Afterward I tried my hand at Wonder Trade to see if my mojo could carry over into training – and in the process I got a shiny Espion and Zoroark. These bring my shiny Pokemon to seven.

I also just finished a quick draft for the flash fiction for Pokecharms. The story is about a tennis player and his Squirtle. I kind of like this idea since Cheney tennis is wrapping up.


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