Poke Post: What Pokemon team would I have?


While browsing the Pokecharms forums I replied to a thread that asked “What Pokemon team would you have in real life?” I’m decided that I would pick my Kalos team and I included how I would meet them – which mirrored how I caught them in Pokemon Y – and their nicknames.

1. Pystol (Greninja) – I’d probably live in the Kalos region and this would be my starter. He’d be named after my puppy Pystol.
2. Tyrion (Pikachu) – I’d end up meeting Pikachu shortly after I got my Froakie and he would be a solid member of my team. He’s named after Tyrion Lannister.
3. Bas (Simisage) – I came across a Pansage on the way to the first gym and he became a part of my team. I later evolved him after I found a leaf stone. Named after MMA fighter Bas Rutten.
4. Ronda (Pyroar) – My fourth Pokemon I came across after I won my second gym badge. I met her when she was a Liteo. She’s named after Ronda Rousey.
5. Carlton (Butterfree) – I rescued this Caterpie and helped him come into his own as a Pokemon. Although he can fly, he’s my main psychic type. He’s named after Psych’s Carlton Lassiter.
6. Dave (Yvetal) – I met Yvetal when my friends and I defeated Team Flare and i used the master ball rather than try and catch him on my own. He’s named after Darkness Dave.


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