Alman at KuroNekoCon


Yesterday was quite a bit of fun.

It was supposed to have lunch with my nephews but that was canceled during the day. I had five hours before my Pokemon Go pub crawl so I decided to attend KuroNekoCon 2016 on a whim.

I hesitated to attend the con – partially because I felt too old. I’ve enjoyed anime since I was a kid and I continue to watch some shows but I had never been to a con. Then I saw several older folks dressed in costume and I thought “why not.” I’m glad I did, it was a lot of fun.

It was cool to see families and people of different ages and backgrounds enjoying an event like this. Like any con, many attendees were dressed in costumes of different characters. I took pictures of people dressed up as Pokemon characters and superheroes – and villains. My favorite was the guy dressed up as Master Roshi.

KuroNekoCon wasn’t just about anime. It also celebrated fantasy and science fiction, as well as Japanese culture.

Cons are also about buying stuff and I bought a stuffed Pikachu, which was my partner in crime on the pub crawl, and a couple of small prints.

If I had to do anything different, it would have making a better effort to getting to know some of the people at the event.

Being a shy guy, it’s not easy just going up and introducing myself – especially when it’s a whole group of people. The camera and Pikachu helped somewhat, but there never seemed to be a conversation beyond “I like your costume.”

But that’s something I need to work on in the future.

If I get the chance to attend KuroNekoCon or another anime convention, I’ll take it.


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