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Fight Theater: ‘Bigfoot’ Silva vs. Andrei Arlovski

Andrei Arlovski defeated Bigfoot Silva in their rematch bout in 2014. Arlovski takes on former champ Josh Barnett in the main event at Fight Night Hamburg on September 3, exclusively on UFC FIGHT PASS.


Poke Post: Team Poke Pals


Welcome to Team PokePals! We are a new Discord group that wants to help bring Pokemon fans on Tumblr together. This group is mostly for those who are having trouble finding friends on or off Tumblr and want somewhere relaxed to be and post memes. All ages are welcome!

We have several chats where you can play Pokemon together online, play other games you may have, vent if you need to, link to art/graphics/writing/etc. you post, and exchange friend codes!

If you are interested, please message me, sinnohqueen or @r0wlets.

You can download Discord here or use it in your browser!!!

That’s it, thanks for reading! Have a nice day!

Poke Post: Adventure Buddies!


Adventure buddies! Super mystery dungeon is being so sweet~

A great combination of water and fire.

Goldust Too Does DDP Yoga

There are numerous athletes and people who do DDP Yoga and Dustin Runnels – a.k.a. Goldust – is one of them. Watch and learn his DDP Yoga journey.

Poke Post: Totadile Rocks!


The Big Jaw Pokemon

Totadile is one of my favorite Pokemon. The first time I ever saw him was on the anime and he sounded like Donald Duck. For me it was like “world colliding” because it was a combination of sorts with one of my loves from childhood (Donald) and a passion of mine as a teenager (Pokemon).

Poke Post: Drowzee the Rider


drowzee and his bikes

I think I found my professor’s Pokemon. They can be in a scooter club together.

Kevin Owens is Champion of the Universe

Finn Balor had to vacate the WWE Universal Championship one night after he won it at SummerSlam, which set up a fatal four-way for the championship. The match involved Roman Reigns, Big Cass, Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens. Reigns and Rollins seemed like the favorites to win, but in the end it was Owens who claimed the championship – with the help of Triple H.

I think this is great. Just when we think the WWE will go with a typical finish – having Reigns or Rollins win the title – they go “OK, here’s something you didn’t see coming.”

The crowd was pleased with Owens winning the title. This creates a new dynamic on Raw. Some believe that it sets up a face turn for Rollins. I don’t know about that. Rollins can still play a jerk and have the crowd cheer for him – as can Owens. But I think we’ll see Rollins engage in a feud with Triple H – who I think will be a face and a foil to Rollins, Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley.

As for Owens, I think he’ll be launched into a feud with best friendo Chris Jericho. He and Jericho’s tag team – Jeri-KO – went over on SummerSlam and didn’t show any sign of slowing down. Apparently the plans were to have Owens and Jericho feud with Balor for the title. The writers can still book Owens and Jericho, will saunter to Owens and say “Kevin, where’s my title shot. I thought we were friends.” They could throw Reigns into the mix to keep Owens and Jericho from completely destroying each other.

I know some folks will say “Owens didn’t win it cleanly.” He’s a heel. Heels are supposed to cheat and Owens is a great bad guy and he’ll just say “I won it fair and square” even though we know he’s lying. Because that’s what heels do.

So props to Owens for winning his first WWE world title – he’s been a former PWG and Ring of Honor world champion – OK Universal title, and doing so after being in the company for only two years.