Poke Post: Pokemon Go Pub Crawl

Last Saturday I spent part of the evening trekking through downtown Spokane for the Pokemon Go Pub Crawl a a way to capitalize on the game. It was organized by a group of downtown bars that put on the zombie pub crawls and stuff like that. The group also does a lot of charity work.

The object of the pub crawl was similar to the game of Pokemon itself – you had to go on a journey and collect badges – well buttons – before you gained a prize. But you didn’t have to battle any gym leaders or defeat them in a drinking contest. You didn’t have to play Pokemon Go to participate in the pub crawl either, which was nice. You just had to go in and ask for a button.

Like Pokemon, the crawl itself was quite a journey. The bars were spaced out enough to where you had to one area of downtown Spokane to another. Since these were local businesses I did have a beer at every few stops and didn’t leave until I had a couple of glasses of water. I actually received a discount coupon from one of the bars because I purchased a beer.

What was cool about the event was the downtown bars held a family crawl earlier in the day where kids could come in and get their buttons. It’ s a good way to expose families to businesses. That said, there were some folks who would pop their head into the door and leave after they received their button.

I had to go back-and-forth a couple of times because some of the bars didn’t open until later. The most interesting stop was at The Pin. There was a hip hop concert going and I had to get searched, which was no big deal. The bartender also had to find the buttons because he forgot the crawl was taking place that night.

With all 11 buttons in hand, I returned to Lucky’s and received my T-shirt. After a quick stop home, I went to downtown Cheney and went to a couple of bars to show off my loot.

This wasn’t quite the Pokemon journey you see in the games, but it was still pretty fun. I’d do it again.



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