Trading Places – Swimming For Soccer


At the Free Press office, we are gearing up for our Back to School issues, as well as the Fall Sports preview. I’ll be covering football and volleyball again this year. Both sports had big seasons in 2015 and it will be good to watch them pick up where they left off.

Normally I’d be covering girls’ swimming, but I traded my editor for soccer. I’ve taken photos for soccer before, but I’ve never covered a game. I’ll look through some of my editor’s older stories to get an idea of how to write a recap, as well as touch base with the soccer coach.

I’ve always respected soccer players and the game itself and I’ve had friends who’ve competed in the game. I’ve also watched a few Seattle Sounders games with my friends Kurto and Xopher – who I’ll be seeing this weekend. Maybe I’ll ask them for some pointers on how to cover the game, as well as any cool terms or lingo I can use.

I also like how popular and worldly the sport it. There are quite a few interesting characters in the game. Soccer can also get pretty intense, kind of like volleyball except more kicks than hits.

Cheney’s soccer team didn’t do too well last year, but they’re a young team and they have a lot of potential going into this season. Solid practicing also helps. I’ve got to keep in mind that as a reporter I’m not necessarily supposed to cheer the team – but it’s not fun to write that your team loses.

One thing is for sure, I’m sure it won’t be a boring season.


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