Alman on Roman Reigns and Rusev

One the mid-card feuds that’s becoming entertaining is the feud between Roman Reigns and U.S. champion Rusev.

The program began after Reigns came out on Raw and confronted Rusev on the Aug. 1 episode. This week he came out and offered to be Rusev’s “best man” while challenging him to a U.S. title match in the process. This is a good feud for both guys.

At the 2015 Royal Rumble, it was down to him and Rusev. I wondered if WWE was going to put Rusev into a heel machine to feed Reigns after he won the title at Wrestlemania. Of course things changed and the two went into different programs.

Now that he no longer has the pressure on him, Roman can go to the ring and be himself. He can have fun but when the heel does something to piss him off, he can turn into a badass. What’s great about Rusev is he’s kind of the same way. He can be entertaining in a heel way until a good guy confronts him and/or his Lana.

Reigns and Rusev both have that invincible aura where it’s going to take a lot of punishment to take them down.

Also props to Lana for having her cake and adding an extra layer of entertainment to the program. It kind of reminds me of “Carrie” a little bit and her reaction of getting caked was the extra icing.

I know some fans were hoping that Reigns would undergo a heel turn after the brand-split. What’s good about this feud is Rusev is popular among the fans, but he can draw heat with one anti-American promo. But Reigns is not playing the patriot-type who is standing up for his country. Right now it appears his only motivation is to win the U.S. title, which I’ll be honest and say that it’s nice to have a championship belt be the centerpiece of their feud.

If Reigns wins at Summerslam, does that elevate the U.S. title? It could if he wants to run with it.

Seeing how stacked Summerslam is, this match probably won’t be a 15-minute showstealer, but it could be physical. You have two brute guys who will probably pound the tar out of each other – while having fun in the process. I’m looking forward to it.


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