Poke Post: More Sun and Moon Forms and Team Skull

The Pokemon Company just dropped another update for “Pokemon Sun and Moon” and there’s a lot of new stuff. A few new Pokemon were introduced, as well as new forms and Team Skull.

Team Skull appears to have the same hierarchy as teams introduced in previous Pokemon games. I do like their dancing though. It’s got a hip-hop element to it.

Wishiwashi (solo and school form)
There’s nothing to know about how the solo and school forms work. I wonder if it’s a type of mega evolution.

A sea cucumber Pokemon that uses its insides to fight. This is an interesting Pokemon to say the least.

Morelull reminds me a little bit of a mushroom, but it’s pretty cute.

And we got some new Alolan Pokemon




Of the Alolan forms that Pokemon has introduced, the Marowak looks the coolest. I’ve never been a big fan of Raichu – which is probably strange to say because my favorite Pokemon is Pikachu – but I do like this new form. It gives me a reason to evolve my Alolan Pikachu. Depending on how early I encounter them, I’ll probably make both Marowak and Raichu part of my team.


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