Blue Waters Night One


Last night was the third year I went to the Blue Waters Bluegrass Festival. Typically when I attend this event, I take some photos and I’ll leave after an hour. This year I wanted to stay a little longer than normal, enjoy some music and take some good pictures.

One thing bluegrass music that I like is it kind of reminds me of the country genre, but it’s not as depressing as country gets. The joke about “I lost my girlfriend, truck and beer” in country is not far off from what’s in songs. Then you’ve got the addition of “I liked you but you cheated on me so we’re through” type songs. You’ve also got “country rap.”

Bluegrass has that Americana, but it’s a little more simple. It also focuses on the beauty of America, the land and its people.

Bluegrass is also interesting in that you can play the music whether you’re young or old. This year’s festival featured a mix of seasoned veterans and young musicians. During one of the songs I watched an 8-year-old boy named Tyler play on stage with his grandmother. He even played a short solo of “Camptown Races.”

Another performance I remembered from last night is “The Lowest Pair.” It was a couple of folks who had alluring voices

What’s cool about Blue Waters is that the Free Press sponsors it as it does other events like the Cheney Rodeo. It’s cool to work for a company that sponsors events and teams.

I remember working at McDonalds and my store never sponsored a team. We held a McTeacher Night for one of the catholic schools – I later found out that one of the supervisors sent his kids there – but there were no plaques on the wall from little league teams thanking us for sponsoring them.

Bluegrass also had some comedy elements. The frontman for BlueStreak had some good jokes, including “I’m in one of those relationships where I’ve been with my wife for so long, she finishes my sentences. She also stars them and fills in the middle.”

My favorite was probably “We’re going to sing a gospel tune. We’d sing more, but we don’t want to get struck by lightning.”


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