Game of Thrones Season 7 predictions

While playing Pokemon Blue, I listened to some videos that detailed predictions for the seventh season of “Game of Thrones.” There were a few different videos that had some interesting predictions. Below the videos I’ll list some of the theories that peaked my interest and my thoughts.

Over Coffee Films. These cats have some interesting theories. Some I’ve heard and some I haven’t.

– Daario betrays Dany
I could see this happening if they drag out the conflict between Dany and Cersei for a while. Cersei, in an attempt to gain some intelligence on Dany and runs into Daario, who betrays his queen because his lover left him, the Iron Throne buys his services or a little bit of both.

– Varys’ death
I think the showrunners will let Varys see his goal of restoring Dany to the throne and then off him. I don’t see Varys killing himself, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Qyburn orchestrated the Spider’s death through the little birds.

– Jaime’s and Cersei’s death
I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jaime and Cersei die at the same time. Once scenario is Tyrion is the one who kills Cersei because he’s out for revenge and Jaime ends up killing Tyrion in a fit of rage. I’m not sure about Jaime’s death, but I do think it will happen and it will be Briene who finds him dying.

New Rockstars – Many of these predictions I’ve heard in other videos, but there are a few interesting ones.

– Euron Greyjoy and Dany in the naval battle
I like this theory that Dany is going to clash with Euron Greyjoy. It would make for a great battle scene in the show. While Dany would be the conquering force, it also gives Yara a big chance to take out her uncle.

– Arya Stark becomes Stoneheart
It seems like the showrunners are letting Arya cross the names off her list but I could see her going after Freys, Boltons and Lannisters. She did Walder Frey, but she also showed no remorse when she killed his two sons and baked them into a pie. Arya could continue her killing spree until she gets to King’s Landing. Besides Tyrion and Jaime, it seems like Arya is the most likely to kill Cersei.

Emergency Awesome’s Top 10


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