Poke Post: Pewter City and Evolutions


It’s funny how even when you don’t play for a long time – say for instance a Generation 1 Pokemon game – you still remember a lot of the secrets and things.

I got my Pokemon party to level 13 and defeated Brock to win the Pewter Badge. This time it wasn’t as difficult as I had Bulbasaur and Butterfree as the main two. After Pewter City I went along the route and through Mt. Moon where I encountered many Zubats and a few Team Rocket grunts.

I picked up a few items and rescued one of the fossils from Team Rocket. Along the way, my Nidoran evolved into a Nidorina and Bulbasaur evolved into Ivysaur. This was good when I reached Cerulean City. I stepped foot onto the Nugget Bridge and defeated my rival.

After that, I went to the gym, defeated a couple of Misty’s grunts and healed up. I’ll probably tackle Nugget Bridge and rescue Bill – while trying to get my party to 20 – before I face Misty.

This game is as much fun as I remember it was and I found myself losing track of time more than once – but in a good way.


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