Poke Post: ‘If you were a regional champion’

While I was surfing the Pokecharm forums, I came across a questions about if I were a regional champion. I decided to base my character on the great, Broken Matt Hardy.

Name? Matthew the First (modeled after Broken Matt Hardy)
Region? Kalos

Pokemon? Hawlucha, Noivern, Greninja, Pyroar, Pikachu and Gardevoir

Before battle speech? Brother Nero (trainer) I’d knew you’d come. You have bested my the Four Elite, including my Vanguard and now you come to claim my Pokemon crown and seek to become the master of the Pokemon. I will not allow it. You may be a strong trainer, but after I am done with you, you will be deleted.

When defeated speech? I lost! I lost! I have my king down. I am now an obsolete mule. Go ahead, delete me!

After battle speech? You have shown me mercy. You are as great as my Vanguard. I am forever grateful for this

Any extra details/things I missed to ask? Before the trainer leaves the fourth battle, the trainer will see me conversing with the Vanguard for my tips to victory. When I notice this, I immediately quiet the Vanguard.


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