Poke Post: My Team is Complete


From the moments leading up to when I bought the download code from Gamestop, I had a fairly good idea of what I wanted my Pokemon Blue team to be. I started out with Bulbasaur – now Ivysaur – like I intended and I captured Caterpie – which later evolved into Metapod and Butterfree. I hadn’t originally intended on capturing a Spearow – now Fearow – and Nidoran – later Nidorina and now Nidoqueen – but both have been good additions to my team.

But the two remaining Pokemon that I designated slots for – Eevee/Vaporeon and Vulpix/Ninetails – had alluded me … until now.

After I defeated Misty, I went through the tunnel to get to Vermillion City and board the St. Anne. My team and I quickly went through the sailors and even our rival – whose Raticate I did not kill – before I took on Lt. Surge.

Facing Surge was different this time because I previously battled him in Pokemon Yellow, where he only used Raichu – which mirrored the anime. This time he had a Voltorb, Pikachu and his trusty Raichu. I took them out fairly easy and won the Thunderbadge.

With my third badge in hand, I went through the Rock Tunnel. I faced as few trainers as I could because I wanted to get my Vulpix. After the tunnel, I went through Lavender Town, then had to go through the fields, dodging trainers like Muhammad Ali.

I didn’t quite make it to Route 8 at first, I did go through up getting the HM02 to teach Fly to my Fearow. I used Fly to go back to Cerulean City and bike through some routes until I got to route 8 where I caught my Vulpix. I then rode into Celadon City, found the Eevee and evolved both of them.

Most of the party is at 25-26. I’ve got some leveling to do with Ninetails, which I might be able to do before my gym battle with Erika or my first encounter with Team Rocket.


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