Alamaharis the Ranger

During some downtime on vacation, I bought a new MacBook Pro. One of the things I downloaded was Guild Wars 2. To say I’ve enjoyed the game so far is a little bit of an understatement. I’m level 22.

I like this game. The character creation is like most RPGs. I created a ranger named Alamaharis and had a pet – though this was a drake – and was immediately immersed in the world. You do quests like most MMORPG games, but Guild Wars 2 doesn’t have you go and turn quests into the quest givers. You complete your objective and automatically get experience points.

Most of the quests focus on helping a person drive out some nuisance from their domicile.

You also get to compete in group missions, though you don’t have to join a party. If you’re in the area where a quest – generally an escort mission or a boss fight – you can jump into the frey and get the experience regardless of how much you’ve participated.

At levels 10 and 20 you get personalized quests that focus on your character’s backstory. I decided to have my character grow up as an orphan who was raised among the common folks. For the level 10 missions, I saved my orphanage from a group of assassins. At level 20, I helped take down a cult that was involved with murdering my parents.

I haven’t gotten too much into the lore yet, You learn lore about the world as you play, and do missions. I’ll probably immerse myself in the story and go through the various wikis during my downtime.

I’ll probably do some posts detailing my quests and adventures in the future.


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