Poke Post: Meet the Portland Pikachus


Originally I wasn’t planning on going anywhere near fantasy football this year.

Last year my team the Detriot Direwolves won the Continental Gridiron Championship in tremendous fashion. Meanwhile my Chi-town Charizards finished in fourth place.

When Xopher asked if I wanted to sign on for the Continental Gridiron Alliance so that I could defend my title, I politely declined. I told him I’d rather go out on a high note. That didn’t last long.

When I saw Yahoo Fantasy Football’s “join league” link, I clicked and was placed into a public 10-league team. Keeping with the theme of Pokemon mascots, I named my team the Portland Pikachus. Yes, I’ve used Pikachu as a mascot in the past, but that was for a baseball team – which didn’t do too well. I decided that this was my chance to give my favorite Pokemon a chance to redeem himself.

And to be honest, fantasy football is kind of like Pokemon. You’ve got your team that is comprised of players that you drafted – which is kind of like catching Pokemon. You sometimes trade teammates with players.

Of course there are no real type advantages and if your players get hurt you can’t take them to the Pokemon center.

Like last year, I went with an auto draft for my roster. After the 2015 draft I was a little dejected because I had Carson Palmer and Cam Newton as my two quarterbacks. Let’s just say I still owe them each fruit baskets.

Similar to Ash Ketchum when he brought old Pokemon to a new region, I’ve had some players follow me from the Direwolves to this league.

Carson Palmer is once again my starting quarterback. He did a great job for me last season and was my starter until Newton stepped up his game. Backing him up with be Jameis Winston.

Antonio Brown, Brandin Cooks, Eric Decker Marvin Jones Jr. and Tyler Lockett make up my receiving corps.
Le’Veon Bell, who I’ve had on my past two teams, Carlos Hyde and Rashad Jennings will make up my running game. Travis Kelce, a former Charizard, and Zach Miller will be my tight ends.

Joining me from the Direwolves are Stephen Gostkowski and New England’s defense. I’ve got the Buffalo Bills as my backup defense.

I’m excited for the season and although I’m not playing for money, I’m still having fun.

Portland Pikachus’s roster

Carson Palmer Ari – QB
Antonio Brown Pit – WR
Brandin Cooks NO – WR
Eric Decker NYJ – WR
Le’Veon Bell Pit – RB
Carlos Hyde SF – RB
Travis Kelce KC – TE
Marvin Jones Jr. Det – WR
Tyler Lockett Sea – WR
Rashad Jennings NYG – RB
Jameis Winston TB – QB
Zach Miller Chi – TE
Stephen Gostkowski NE – K
New England NE – DEF
Buffalo Buf – DEF


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