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Poke Post: Portland Pikachus defeat the Champions

The Portland Pikachus rebounded from their loss against Getty to defeat jon’s Champion Team 122.28-91.74.

The Pikachus’ receiving core were the big contributors for the week. Wide receiver Marvin Jones Jr. recording 32.50 points with his six receptions for 205 yards and two touchdowns. Tight end Travis Kielce notching 14.90 points with his receptions for 89 yards and one TD.

Running back Carlos Hyde accumulated 24.50 points with his 21 carries for 103 yards, two touchdowns and one 2-point conversion.

Kicker Stephen Gostkowski recorded 9 points with two field goals and three PATs. The Pikachu’s starting defense (New England) racked up 18 points with two sacks, one pick and two fumble recoveries.

The Pikachus (2-1) lead the league standings. They will take on Sara’s Team (2-1), who is third in the standings and will have to be spot on the money.

To end on a high note, running back Le’Veon Bell returns from injury next week. He will take over for Rashad Jennings, who is nursing a thumb injury.


Poke Post: Pokemon Generations Episode 4 – Lake of Rage

This episode of Pokemon Generations focuses on a mission in the Johto games where the player helps Lance and his Dragonite take down Team Rocket and its plant that emits radio waves causing the Red Gyrados to be out of control.

As much as I’ve complained about battling Lance in the past, he’s one of the coolest characters in the Pokemon franchise, so it was cool to see him and his Dragonite get some screen time and kick some tail.

‘Because I don’t quit’

Going in Raw interviews A.J Styles and Sasha Banks

Going in Raw’s Steve and Larson have come a quite aways since they first started their pro wrestling podcast. Last summer they got to attend NXT Takeover Brooklyn II and Summerslam. Here are a couple of videos of the friendos interviewing current WWE World champion A.J. Styles and former women’s titleholder Sasha Banks.

Steve and Larson talk with A.J. Styles. Does he “Too Sweet” the champion? Watch and find out.

Steve and Larson talk with “The Boss” Sasha Banks.

These are both really good interviews with two of my favorite WWE superstars.

Fight Theater: Rollins vs. Uso

It’s a match that fans demanded. Jey Uso a.k.a. Mr. UFC defends his UFC 2 crown against Seth Rollins – a.k.a. – Champ. In a strawweight contest, Mr. UFC picks Rose Namajunas and Champ picks former title contender Claudia Gadelha.

First Look WWE 2K17

Both UpUpDownDown and Steve and Larson posted some previews of WWE 2K17.

MyCareer designer Ramelle Ballesca gives Team UpUpDownDown the low-down on the biggest changes to the popular MyCareer game mode in WWE 2K17!

Team UpUpDownDown sets out and speaks with Lynell Jinks, the creative director for WWE 2K17, to get the latest scoops on what the newest WWE game brings to the table!

Vader takes on Shinsuke Nakamura in a backstage brawl

WWE 2K17 MyCareer Gameplay Part 1! POWER LUNCH REBORN

Cody Deaner: Wrestler and hero to Layla

I came across this post on Jason Saint’s Shitloads of Wrestling Tumblr. You can view the pictures there.

This is Layla.

A number of months ago I was approached by a beautiful little girl who had made a Cody Deaner t-shirt into a cute little dress. She told me I was her favorite wrestler and it simply warmed my heart. She’s been at every Crossfire Wrestling show since with Cody Deaner signs and cheering for me faithfully.

This past weekend, I had the privilege of surprising Layla at her birthday party. She was blindfolded, and I got to bring her birthday cake into the room and surprise her. She gave me a huge hug and we sat together with her friends to enjoy the cake that had a picture of us together on it.

I gave her a Cody Deaner camo hat that matched mine as a gift and we took some pictures together with my Crossfire Wrestling Championship belt. The smile on her face says it all.

I wanted to try to write about how great it feels to be able to do stuff like this. But it’s impossible to put it into words. I find myself just simply recounting what happened because thinking of myself as a hero to a kid is difficult, humbling, rewarding, and frankly impossible to put into words.

To my fellow independent wrestlers … don’t sell yourself short. You might be a hero to a child in the audience. Don’t take that for granted. Take it seriously. And realize how important it is to cherish that opportunity.

To Layla … I hope you had a great birthday party! I’m happy I got to be there! We’ll see you in the crowd with your pretty little Cody Deaner dress at the next Crossfire Wrestling show! 👍

Cody Deaner

There are so many great things about this, but what I love is when he tells his fellow wrestlers, not to sell themselves short and how they might be a hero to a child in a crowd.