Poke Post: Alman on Serena Going to Alola

In the Pokemon anime, Ash recently lost to Alain in the finals of the Kalos League and he’s now in the middle of the Team Flare story arc. After that’s over, it’s speculated that Ash will move on to the Alola region. Although they’ve been able to add more to the anime and won’t introduce the new region until a year or two after the next game’s release.

Once Ash goes on to Alola, some folks think Ash will get new companions, which is something that’s happened in BW and the XY anime. Others believe – and hope – that Serena will come with Ash to Alola.

I’ll come out and say it, I’m a shipper of Ash and Serena. Ash has been a presence ever since my childhood and I really like Serena’s character. I saw great character development from both Ash and Serena during XY. I hope she goes with him to Alola.

Kind of the video says, Serena still has a lot ahead of her. The writers gave her a way to leave Ash’s group by going with Palermo and if she does leave that’s probably how it will happen. Serena also only has three Pokemon and she could catch some Alolan Pokemon to add to her team and pull off some cool performances. Since Alola is like Hawaii, it could be interesting to see the writers integrate Hawaiian culture in the anime and in turn have Serena learn some dances, rituals and elements to add to her performances.

One thing the video doesn’t touch on revolves around the Island Trials from Pokemon Sun and Moon. The Island Trials will provide a great challenge to Ash and he’s probably going to need a source of strength, like Serena.

Personally I’d like to see Clemont and Bonnie come with Ash to Alola as well. I liked this group together and they could have some cool adventures in Alola.


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One thought on “Poke Post: Alman on Serena Going to Alola

  1. artenthusiast011 September 27, 2016 at 1:03 am Reply

    Personally I’m kinda glad their getting rid of Serena 😂
    But I agree. It would be pretty cool to see them together in Alola! Except, it’s 100 confirmed that it’s not happening now.

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