Poke Post: Ultra Beasts, Snap and Aether Foundation

Some quick thoughts about the latest Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer that just dropped.

Type Null – I wonder if that has will allow normal type Pokemon not to have weaknesses or statuses – like poison or burning – during a battle.

Jangmo-o is pretty cute for a little dragon. I’m excited to see its evolved form, if it has one.

Raticate’s Alola form reminds me of a hamster I used to own. He would stuff Cheerios in his mouth. Still pretty cool, especially since dark type Pokemon have become some of my favorite.

Sun and Moon will be set 12 hours apart. I wonder how that is going to play out. I’ll have to ask Yatzi about it since she’s getting Moon and I’m buying Sun.

The Aether Foundation seems like a foil for Team Skull, but there’s something about them I don’t trust.

The photo taking feature is awesome and kind a throwback to Pokemon Snap.

I’ve heard some interesting theories about Ultra Beasts. I wonder if they’re going to be man-made Pokemon like Mewtwo.


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