Poke Post: Pokemon Origins Episode 1: Red

The Official Pokemon’s Youtube Channel recently uploaded the first episode of the Pokemon Origins mini-series.

Unlike the anime, this mini-series serves as a more faithful adaptation to the Pokemon Red and Blue games. The story follows a young trainer named Red who begins his journey with his Pokémon partner Charmander. Like the games, Red travels the Kanto region, battling gyms and capturing Pokemon to complete Professor Oak’s Pokedex.

There are quite a few differences between Pokemon Origins and the anime. Red doesn’t have any traveling companions besides his Pokemon. You don’t see Brock and Misty alongside him. Unlike Ash, Red’s team cycles through different Pokemon, though the constant presence in the series is Charmander. After some thought, that’s how I played Pokemon at first. Whenever I captured stronger Pokemon, I would cycle out the weaker ones. This was before I watched the anime and really delved into the series.

The animation is pretty good as is the voice acting.

It also follows the games really close. The dialogue, especially from Professor Oak, the scenes and plot are close to the games. You see Red take on Team Rocket more than once throughout the series. There are some moments that are different from the games, like Brock – who is voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch – giving Red advice after he loses to Blue.

Some writers might scoff at this because it doesn’t go beyond the boundaries of the game, but that’s what also makes this series appealing to hardcore Pokemon fans.

One of the details in this series that I liked – and actually chilled me to the bone – was it explained why trainers faint after their Pokemon loses in battle. I also enjoyed how Red’s character grew over the four episodes. In this episode we see early battles with Blue and Brock. Near the end of this episode he realizes the importance of working in-sync with his Pokemon.

Pokemon Origins is a good mini-series and I hope the Pokemon Channel uploads more episodes.


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