It’s National Suicide Prevention Month – start listening

Note: This is my Write to the Point column for this week’s issue of the Cheney Free Press.

In trying to find a topic for this week’s column, I came across an image that was making the rounds on social media.

The picture was of a person with the caption “Just found out there’s a number to the suicide hotline I can text now! Relieved because I’m better at texting than I am at talking. Press START to 741-741.”

The image came from the Facebook page “Payton’s Pledge to Stop the Bullying,” which is a site dedicated to the memory of Payton Ruth Ann Anderson, who died in 2012 after a self-inflicting gunshot wound.

The number to the Crisis Text Line, which is a 24/7 support service founded in 2013 where anyone who texts the number will be connected with a trained crisis counselor.

For as much we knock technology sometimes, this is a service that can really do some good. For a person who is going through a crisis, it can be difficult for them to call or physically talk to someone about their problems and what they are going through. They do not want to burden their family and friends with their problems.

Another reason why it is hard for someone with suicidal tendencies is when they do ask for help, the response they get is “you’re just trying to get attention.”

The aforementioned reason was one of many that I’ve seen regarding suicide prevention, which isn’t a surprise since September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.

Suicide can affect everyone no matter what age, gender, race or orientation.

To read the rest of the column, follow the link.


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