Poke Poke: Pokemon Generations Episodes 1 and 2

The Pokemon Company dropped the first two episodes of “Pokemon Generations,” which is an animated series with 3-5 minutes episodes of different scenes from the various Pokemon games.

Episode 1: The Adventure

The first episode features Red but it really focuses on Pikachu. Red captures the Pokemon in the Viridian Forest and from there, they go on their adventure. It’s kind of a montage of Pikachu through various generations. You see it go up against Caterpie in the Viridian Forest, Vigoroth in the Weather Institute and Regigigas – all the way to meeting Zygarde.

This episode tugged at my heartstrings a bit because Pikachu is my favorite Pokemon and I’ve used it in three different playthroughs (Yellow, Y and Omega Ruby) and I current use him as my character in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

Episode 2: The Chase

If you’re a fan of Looker, you’ll probably like this episode. While the first episode was a montage of sorts throughout the different generations, this one is set in Generation One where Looker and the police about to raid the Viridian Gym to capture Giovanni. Looker and his group raid the building, only to find Giovanni gone.

Some folks complained about the short time of the two episodes and I get it – however we knew they were going to be short from the get to. That said, I would like to see a Pokemon spinoff featuring Looker and his agents trying to stop Pokemon criminals. They could call it “Pokemon Law and Order” or “Pokemon Jump Street.”


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