Poke Post: More Pokemon Sun and Moon

We’re less than a couple of months away from Pokemon Sun and Moon and the company dropped another trailer that features exclusive Pokemon for each game. The highlights are Passimian – which is essentially a rugby monkey player and Oranguru, which is a psychic orangoutang.

The trailer also shows the different evolutions for Lyranroc – both midday and midnight. My favorite moment of the trailer was Pikachu’s Z Move, Catasropika. I loved the dancing and how they still kept Pikachu’s voice actor in the game and the move reminds me a little bit of Wolverine and Colossus’ Fastball Special. Eevee has a cool Z move as well.

It also featured some more character customization, including an option for no hat, which is what some folks are excited about. You can also groom your Pokemon.

Don’t take my word, just watch the trailer.


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