Cody Deaner: Wrestler and hero to Layla

I came across this post on Jason Saint’s Shitloads of Wrestling Tumblr. You can view the pictures there.

This is Layla.

A number of months ago I was approached by a beautiful little girl who had made a Cody Deaner t-shirt into a cute little dress. She told me I was her favorite wrestler and it simply warmed my heart. She’s been at every Crossfire Wrestling show since with Cody Deaner signs and cheering for me faithfully.

This past weekend, I had the privilege of surprising Layla at her birthday party. She was blindfolded, and I got to bring her birthday cake into the room and surprise her. She gave me a huge hug and we sat together with her friends to enjoy the cake that had a picture of us together on it.

I gave her a Cody Deaner camo hat that matched mine as a gift and we took some pictures together with my Crossfire Wrestling Championship belt. The smile on her face says it all.

I wanted to try to write about how great it feels to be able to do stuff like this. But it’s impossible to put it into words. I find myself just simply recounting what happened because thinking of myself as a hero to a kid is difficult, humbling, rewarding, and frankly impossible to put into words.

To my fellow independent wrestlers … don’t sell yourself short. You might be a hero to a child in the audience. Don’t take that for granted. Take it seriously. And realize how important it is to cherish that opportunity.

To Layla … I hope you had a great birthday party! I’m happy I got to be there! We’ll see you in the crowd with your pretty little Cody Deaner dress at the next Crossfire Wrestling show! 👍

Cody Deaner

There are so many great things about this, but what I love is when he tells his fellow wrestlers, not to sell themselves short and how they might be a hero to a child in a crowd.


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