Monthly Archives: October 2016

UpUpDownDown Madden 2017 tourney – Miz vs. Jimmy Uso

In the first match of the Madden 2017 Smackdown bracket former IC champion The Miz – with his Cleveland Browns – takes on Jimmy Usos and the San Francisco 49ers.


Fight Theater: Rachel Ellering vs. Kennadi Brink

This match features Kennadi Brink against Rachel Ellering. Brink made her professional wrestling debut in 2010, training at Gillberg’s Professional Wrestling Academy and is a former ECWA women’s champion. Ellering is the daughter of legendary manager Paul Ellering and recently spent some time in NXT.

Happy Halloween

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy, safe and spooky Halloween.

WoW Legion: Druid Order Hall Campaign

Druids are not only dealing with the threat of the Legion, they also have Xavius and the nightmare ruining their day. In this video Nobbel takes a look at the Druid Order Hall campaign from establishing a portal into the dreamway all the way to partying like it’s 10.000 years ago.

Pokemon Trainer Diary: One week of Pokemon Go down, more to go


This is something new I want to feature on this website. I haven’t really done any column-type stuff outside of the Cheney Free Press for a while and I wanted to focus on Pokemon. This won’t be the same thing as Poke Posts, except when it comes to gameplay recaps that I do.

The recaps will generally consist of highlights of capturing certain Pokemon, achieving any milestones or just fun moments that I had.

I did a lot this week in Pokemon Go – and what a time to jump into the game. Pokemon Go had its Halloween event this weekend. I’ve managed to catch a lot of Meowths and Cubones – two of the Pokemon that have an increased spawn rate.

Like any trainer, I captured numerous Pokemon throughout the West Plains. Eastern Washington University seems to be the premier place for Pokestops, Pokemon and gyms. Some of the more notable Pokemon I caught on campus were a Drowzee, Rhyhorn and Zubat.

Before the Planning Commission meeting on Thursday, I dropped an incense and caught a Clefairy that was over 200 CP. Later that night on Eastern’s campus, I caught a Marowak (201), Drowsee (253) and Weedle (68).

I also hatched a couple of eggs this week – one an Exeggcute and the other a Nidoran. One of the tips my friend Xopher gave me was to use the infinite incubator for eggs that take less distance to hatch.

On Friday I headed to Section 13 for the costume contest. There, I caught a Ponyta with a 348 CP and it is currently my highest Pokemon to date.

Pokemon UCL Season 2 Semi-finals: Carolina Keldeos vs Durham Druddigons

It’s the semi-finals of the Pokemon UCL Season 2. In this round, Carolina Keldeos take on the Durham Druddigons.

Tyler Breeze transforms into Sting

Prince Pretty goes to the dark side (and the rafters) as The Man They Call Sting in this step-by-step makeup tutorial.