Coming back to WoW

I’ve been toying with coming back to World of Warcraft even before Legion popped up. Today I downloaded Warcraft and jumped back into the frey.

Today I started the intro quest for my worgen hunter and made it to level 5 before I went out for lunch. I previously rolled a worsen warrior after I bought my mother Cataclysm. The introduction questline was pretty cool and and different from previous characters.

One of the reasons I stayed away from WoW, was because I didn’t have a great computer to run it. I bought a MacBook Pro in July and so far it runs the game well. I first dropped Warcraft when I was still working at McDonalds. By then I had a draenei hunter who had reached max level (this was about the time Wrath of the Lich King was going on) and I didn’t do the best job in making sure my account was secure. When I checked on the account a few months ago, I discovered it was banned.

At the suggestion of my mother, I filled out a ticket to Blizzard support, mainly asking if my characters could be transferred to my account. If not, then no worries. I bought the starter pack, which gives me access to content all the way to Legion. It will be nice to go through Azeroth a second time.


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