Al on Wow: The Hunter is back

As some of you know, I recently got back into World of Warcraft. I created a new account and started playing a Worgen Hunter with my mom – she’s a druid. Before that, she suggested I contact Blizzard about possibly retrieving characters from my old account.

I think I mentioned this before, but when I stopped playing WoW the first time, my account got hacked and banned. A couple of days ago, I filled out a ticket and contacted Blizzard. They got back to me and needed some information to verify I am the owner of both accounts.

I went on chat and spoke with a customer service rep and within 30 minutes I got my old account back and was able to transfer my previous toons onto my new game. My level 73 draenei hunter still had most of his gear intact, including tabards I earned through battleground and reputation grinding.

Last night I took him out and re-immersed myself in WoW. One thing I guess I forget was I purchased a flying mount and was able to fly around Shadowmoon Valley. After that I purchased the riding skill to fly around in Northrend. I also went through the Stockcades, which is one of my favorite instances. Even though it changed, it still was a lot of fun to navigate and take out bosses like Hogger – the punching bag of WoW – and others.

I’ll probably do some more grinding and revisiting of old instances to get a feel and make some gold. But all in all, I plan on getting my hunter up to max level. I’ll still keep my Worgen for when my mom wants to play.


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