Al on WoW: I’m coming for you Legion

My return to World of Warcraft took another step as I purchased the Legion expansion and boosted my draenei hunter to level 100.

To back track, last year I claimed the top prize in the fantasy football league I was in but I never received the money – that is until last Sunday when the commissioner dropped $80 in my Paypal. Minutes after that, I bought the expansion and gave my hunter the boost. I expected some new gear and skills, but what I didn’t expect was to be immediately whisked away to the Broken Isles for the Broken Shore scenario – after a quick tutorial of my hunter’s abilities.

If you haven’t done the Broken Shore scenario or watched the various videos on it, there are spoilers ahead.

I’ve done battle grounds and a couple of raids, but the Broken Shore scenario was different. I was battling alongside the Alliance leaders as we tore through demons. It was sad to see Tirion Fordring bite the dust as he’s one of my favorite characters in Warcraft lore. However, I do feel like his redemption story was told in Wrath of the Lich King.

The fight with Krosus was something else because on one side I was with the Alliance, and we had Horde on the other. I liked the playful banter between Varian Wrynn and Sylvannas Windrunner. Wrynn recently embraced the idea of working with the Horde, as he pointed out in the letter to his son Anduin, but I also wonder if he found a kindred spirit of sorts in the Banshee Queen.

The battlefield became overrun with demons, which kicked off the cinematic that culminated in the death of Varian.

Fast forward to Stormwind. I delivered Varian’s funeral to Anduin and attended the former king’s funeral before the demons attacked. After dispatching them, I traveled to Dalaran to begin the artifact quest and held the archmage Khadgar.

It was a good start to the legion expansion. I also made a blood elf demon hunter I will post about on a later date. While I intend to go through Legion and hitting max level, I do plan on going though the older dungeons and completing them.


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