Pikachus bounce back, defeat Byron’s Team


The Portland Pikachus bounced back from last week’s loss to defeat Byron’s Team, 95.96-79.66.

Just like Batman and Robin, running backs Carlos Hyde (17.40 points) and Le’Veon Bell (15.40) were a deadly combo for Pikachus, leading the way. Byron’s Team (1-4) sits just two games back of Portland (3-2), but point totals show they should be happy with that because they are a lot further behind there, 515.86 to 351.46.

Even though both teams hit their projections, the Pikachus scored 4.5 percent more than their projected 91.86 points to secure the win. Both teams left points off the scoreboard in this one, as Portland started one player with zero points and Byron’s Team also served up two.

Quarterback Jameis Winston scored 15.36 points. The defense scored above projections at 10 points.

Next week, the Pikachus take on the kinjaz (1-4). Carson Palmer returns to the starting quarterback spot. Wide receiver Eric Decker is on the injury list and will be replaced by Brandin Cooks.



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