Al on WoW: Demon Hunter

One of the newest classes in World of Warcraft is the demon hunter – based on Illidan Stormrage. For those who have purchased Legion and have a level 70 character – or pre-ordered the expansion – chances are you have a demon hunter.

Here’s a short breakdown on a demon hunter from Warcraft’s official website:

Demon hunters ritually blind themselves in exchange for spectral sight that enables them to better sense their prey. This enhanced awareness, together with their great agility and magical prowess, makes demon hunters unpredictable adversaries. An Illidari’s quarry has much to fear.

The demon hunter is the second hero class in World of Warcraft. Demon hunters start at level 98 at the end of their starting experience they will have reached level 100 and can delve immediately into Legion content. They use fury for their abilities. While in lore, any race can become a demon hunter, in World of Warcraft: Legion, the demon hunter class is only available to night elves and blood elves. They are able to wield warglaives, daggers, fist weapons, one-handed axes, and one-handed swords, and they wear cloth and leather armor.

I watched some of the videos on the demon hunter intro quest line and cinematic but getting to play through it, with my blood elf demon hunter, was interesting. Unlike the Broken Shore scenario, you were solo for the most part, except you had some follows. You and your fellow demon hunters travel to Mardum on a quest to recover the Sargerite Keystone while Illidan fends off the adventurers at the Black Temple.

It was cool getting to fight a plethora of demons, including Brood Queen Tyranny to get the keystone. Years later, I was freed by Maiev Shadowsong and battled my way through the Vault of the Wardens. Although my brethren and I escaped, Gul’dan made off with Illidan’s body.

Perhaps my favorite part of the demon hunter intro quests was attending Vol’jin’s funeral and fighting the demons that infiltrated it while battling alongside Horde leaders.

Like my hunter, my next stop is Dalaran where I will probably begin my weapon artifact quest.

The demon hunter will probably be my main Horde character, which is nice because I can play with my mom and her fiancé – who are both heavy in the Horde.

The demon hunter is pretty cool and I can’t wait to explore this character further. After I hit maximum level I might go to older dungeons in Pandora and Draenor.


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