Poke Post: Team Al – Show No Mercy

Team Al logo
I haven’t played Pokemon Go yet, but when I do, I’ve decided to go create my own team – Team Al. I whipped up this little banner in a few minutes.

This all started this morning. One of the photos I used in Education was of a student hanging a banner, with the Team Mystic insignia on it, from the ceiling. It was for Medical Lake’s homecoming.

Shortly after I got into the office, two of my coworkers stopped by my cubicle, asking “why I chose Team Mystic.” One of them – who I will refer to as C – is a member of Team Instinct and the other – J – is Team Mystic.

I explained I chose that photo because it was one of the better photos I had taken that day. It led to this.

C: But Team Instinct would have made a better photo.

Me: That one was already hung up.

C: Could have you gotten them to take a photo with Team Instinct?

Me: I’m not going to have the students take down a banner they’ve already hung up.

*brief pause*

C: You don’t play Pokemon Go. But if you did, who would you pick?

Me: Probably Team Mystic.

C: What!?

J: *fist bumps me*

To be honest, I don’t know where my allegiances would lie. I just wanted to irritate my coworker. Which led me to designing Team Al. It’s kind of mock up of Team Instinct’s symbol but it has Pikachu instead of Zapdos. The “Show No Mercy” tagline comes from “The Karate Kid.”

Update Sept. 20, 2017 – I’m approaching my one-year Pokemon Go anniversary and I’ve been reflecting on my year with Pokemon Go.

During last night’s City Council meeting, the Police Chief was celebrating his 60th birthday. The first thing that came to my mind was “I hope I’m still playing Pokemon when I’m 60” and this includes Pokemon Go. I kind of felt like a child since I didn’t say something like “I hope I have grandchildren” and “I hope I live in a nice house and am debt free” – don’t get me wrong, I do want all of those things, but Pokemon Go would be a great bonus.

Also I did not choose Team Mystic. I went with Team Valor. It’s the colors of Eastern Washington University and I did it to annoy both J and C.


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